Joe Maddon's Agent Says that the Chicago Cubs Are "On the Radar"

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Joe Maddon’s Agent Says that the Chicago Cubs Are “On the Radar”

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joe maddon raysThings are running a little backwards this morning, as the Bullets are on the way and there will be a much more comprehensive Joe Maddon update soon. But Maddon’s agent, Alan Nero, was on the radio with Bruce Levine and Wayne Randazzo on The Score just now, so I wanted to update you on what he said.

Here are the paraphrased bits, and you’ll likely soon be able to hear a replay on The Score’s site (UPDATE: and here it is):

  • Joe Maddon was so committed to the Rays and the community and everyone involved, so the opt-out was something of a benign protection that if there was a significant change in the organization, Maddon wouldn’t be bound by a contract that was under market (because he was so committed).
  • There’s only one job opening, and that’s Minnesota. So it’s a very delicate thing, if there was going to be any other team involved, we don’t want to sensationalize this because there’s another manager involved. (Me: Folks who think the guys involved are not being sensitive and respectful – as much as possible – are mistaken. Everyone knows this is a difficult situation.)
  • Maddon is prepared not to manage in 2015. But there’s quite a bit of interest, because he’s right up there as one of the top managers in the game. If you’re committed to winning, you’d at least want to look into this.
  • It’s fair to say Maddon would be interested, in general, in the city of Chicago. Whether it’s this year or next year or beyond, it’s a possibility. The Cubs are on our radar. We haven’t had any specific conversations there. Lots of teams were calling yesterday about a high-level front office job for Maddon.
  • Theo Epstein is honest and a man of his word, and all of us have a great relationship with him and a tremendous amount of respect for him.
  • There is no specific timeline for getting anything done, and Maddon is prepared to sit out a year if there can’t be anything done.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.