C.J. Edwards is a Fall Star and Other Bullets

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C.J. Edwards is a Fall Star and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

cj edwards daytona cubsMy latest Amazon Prime viewing was ‘Orphan Black,’ a clever sci-fi show out of Canada (airing on BBC America, and it has something of a British-show-feel to me). Loved the concept, which I won’t spoil for anyone who hasn’t seen, but after about five or six episodes, I wasn’t hooked enough to keep watching. For those who have watched, am I blowing it by giving up? It just feels like it’s dragging a bit.

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  • After his great start yesterday, C.J. Edwards’ AFL numbers are impressive: 1.80 ERA in 10 innings, 5 hits, 5 walks, and 7 strikeouts. Thanks to that, and his generally excellent standing (particularly relative to other pitchers in the AFL), he’s been named to the Fall Stars Game, and he’ll be the Cubs’ only representative. The game is on Saturday, November 1, at 6pm CT. It’s televised on MLB Network, and streamed on MLB.com. You can see the full rosters here. Bijan Rademacher may have had an argument for inclusion, but he’s not considered a top prospect and he has been limited to playing just two days per week (taxi squad). I’d guess those are the reasons he was left out, despite the huge numbers.
  • Speaking of the AFL, Jim Callis looks at each of the Cubs’ prospects in the AFL this year, with an extra glance at Dan Vogelbach.
  • A look at all current and former Cubs playing in offseason ball right now.
  • I’ll have to dig in more on this soon, but BP just put out a “hot stove scouting report” of Jon Lester, and it’s a must read. The first thing that jumped out to me: BP’s scouting expects Lester to maintain his current level of effectiveness for three to four years, and maintain better than average ability thereafter, well into his late 30s.
  • META: It came to my attention that the “Recent Comments” box in the right sidebar was pretty much never working ever since the site was renovated earlier this year. I thought I’d fixed it months ago, but, instead, it appears that most of you simply accepted that it didn’t work and stopped talking about it (for various back-end reasons, it always works for me, so I had no idea it still wasn’t working for you). In theory, it is now fixed. Double in theory, the longest any new comments should be out of date in that box is 10 minutes (and usually, they will be much more recent than that). So, if you’d been ignoring that box, you may now resume hearting it. (UPDATE: And thanks to DarthHater for the heads up that you may need to clear your browser’s cache to see the changes working. Maybe. Probably. Who knows.)

Author: Brett Taylor

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