The Fatalistic Cubs Fan and Other Bullets

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The Fatalistic Cubs Fan and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

sad thoughtful catI love me some rumors and transactions, and I love me some Cubs. Even after a day like yesterday, I still feel the love. I could probably do without the fatalistic swings in the fan base – yesterday’s disappointment somehow makes stray comments on Jon Lester feel like the extension of an avalanche, even if that’s pretty ridiculous – even if if I understand why it happens. The rug has been pulled out from under Cubs fans so many times that the floor is nothing but a friction-blasted hole that reaches halfway to China (precisely half-way).

But today is a new day, and, for me, yesterday doesn’t even feel as bad now as it did in the moment. Maybe that makes me a cheesy ball of sunshine and roses, but I’m reminded that, in total, there’s still plenty about which to feel very good about the direction of this organization. Yesterday affects today only insofar as it provides additional information, and a necessarily modified change in direction. It doesn’t mean that today or tomorrow or next week will play out like yesterday.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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