Enjoying the Strange of Baseball and Other Bullets

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Enjoying the Strange of Baseball and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

ron santo black catAnd 2014 closes up shop. More on that later today.

  • Jayson Stark’s “Strange But True in 2014” piece is well worth your time. There are just so many bits to highlight, but I think this is my favorite: “The Tigers dropped a seven-run inning on the Twins on April 25 – and all three outs came off the bat of Miguel Cabrera.” Did you have a favorite? The Devin Mesoraco one is tough to ignore …
  • Stark also wrote a companion postseason one, which includes this bit, which I knew because I followed the playoff race more closely this year than in any in recent memory (can’t imagine why I was so tuned in for August and September … ): “Over their final 99 regular-season games, they had a worse record (46-53 – seven games under .500) – than the Mets, Cubs or Padres.” Forget the “worse than the Cubs” part, because the Cubs probably had a better record than a lot of teams for that stretch. What’s more amazing is the reminder that the playoffs are a crapshoot, even including the “who is hottest coming into the playoffs” hooey. Just. Get. In.
  • My favorite strange baseball moment of 2014, though? Don’t offer Jesus Montero an ice cream sandwich.
  • We’ve actually discussed this before, but you simply can’t get enough of it: Pedro Strop’s slider was the best slider in baseball this year by whiff rate. Eno Sarris wrote about that, among many other excellent pitches, and you can watch them here.
  • This is awesome for at least two reasons:

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