More on Denorfia, the TV Deal, the Bleachers, and Other Bullets

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More on Denorfia, the TV Deal, the Bleachers, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

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  • The Chris Denorfia signing has yet to be officially announced by the Cubs, but more details on the terms are out, via Jon Heyman ($2.6 million for one year, plus $400K in incentives). The Cubs reportedly agreed with Denorfia more than a week ago, but, with a full 40-man roster, they’ve not yet made the deal official. That could suggest the team has been working on a trade or two that would clear a spot for Denorfia, because if they were simply going to DFA a player to make room, that could have been done last week. Two howevers on that: (1) there was a physical to pass in there somewhere, so that may have been part of the delay in terms of scheduling; (2) even if the Cubs have been working on a trade, that doesn’t mean they might not eventually decide it’s not going to come together quickly enough to fit it with the Denorfia signing, and someone might get DFA’d anyway.
  • More on the Cubs’ impending TV deal with WGN-9 from Robert Channick at the Tribune. As discussed yesterday, the deal should be for about 45 games from 2015 to 2019 on local WGN-9. Channick’s sources indicate that the deal will pay a per-game rate comparable to what it was before from WGN (just $250,000), and that the Cubs may have the ability to opt out before 2019 if they are able to put together their regional sports network deal for the full slate of games (i.e. the big bucks) before then. I’m thinking we’ll hear a fair bit more on this at the Convention next week.
  • Speaking of the Convention, Bruce Levine suggests the Cubs are going to tell fans about their contingency plan for relocating bleacher ticket holders in the event that the bleachers aren’t finished in time for Opening Day. From where I sit, the Cubs wouldn’t reveal the contingency plan at the fan convention unless they thought there was a very serious risk that they were going to need it. I just clicked over from “hopeful for the bleachers” to “expecting no bleachers.” We’ll see what they say at the Convention, and I’ll just allow myself to be pleasantly surprised if I’m able to be in my usual spot in right field that Sunday night.
  • A good read from Patrick Mooney on Joe Maddon’s coming first year in Chicago.
  • In case you missed it last night, the Yankees are expected to sign Stephen Drew.
  • Hey, that’s me:

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