Free Shipping Right Now on All BN Apparel Orders!

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Free Shipping Right Now on All BN Apparel Orders!

Chicago Cubs

Did you miss our sale earlier in the month at the BN apparel store on all of our new and old shirts? Did you not miss it, but wish you’d gotten more shirts because awesomeness?

Well, you’re in luck! The fine folks at Spreadshirt like us so much that they’re offering a special deal (seriously, the BN store is special!) this week: free shipping on all orders, with no minimum. Just go here, grab some shirts, and enter the code LOVE4ALL when you check out. Boom. Free shipping.

The new designs for folks who didn’t see them …

The new “groovy” BN design has been the most popular of the new shirts. And I’ve got to confess, that made me smile because I am so not a designer, but I tried to get creative with the design. It’s supposed to evoke those old surfer/West Coast-style travel shirts, while incorporating colors (and ivy) from the outfield at Wrigley (there’s a more detailed view in the shop):

alternate BN shirt groovy

Possibly my favorite, it’s a pretty simple way to tell the world what you are, and that you don’t care who knows:

baseball nerd shirt

The Cubs are finally going to be good again, so it’s time to do away with the Lovable Loser crap:

lovable winners shirt


Do you like the bleachers? Do you like sitting in the bleachers? Do you like to try and catch home runs? Then tell the players!

hit it here bleachers shirt

You knew about C.J. Edwards back when he was with the Rangers, didn’t you? You have been pumping Arismendy Alcantara since he was playing in Daytona, right? You are a prospect hipster (and the style of the shirt matches your style):

prospect hipster shirt

Do you like Cubs prospects? Do you like celebrating them with an inside reference? Do you like that “College” shirt that John Belushi wore in ‘Animal House’? Then you might like COOKIES!

cookies shirt

So, head on over to the BN apparel shop – which has a sharper view of each shirt design, and you can play around with the colors – and pick out a favorite or two. Don’t forget the LOVE4ALL code when you check out so that you can get free shipping.

Thanks for supporting BN!

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.