Just About Done Discussing Call-Up Dates and Service Time and Other Bullets

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Just About Done Discussing Call-Up Dates and Service Time and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

kris bryant iowa cubs featureI took The Little Boy to visit The Mom this weekend, so I’m writing quickly in order to maximize the time for activities …

  • It’s a very important story, and I’m not going to ignore it simply because of burnout. But I’m not going to say a ton at this point, because I feel like I’ve said (and everyone else has said) all there is to say. So, read this Cubs.com piece or this ESPN piece or this CSN piece if you want more on Kris Bryant/Theo Epstein/Scott Boras service time and call-up stuff. Short version: Epstein reiterates that anything that happens is purely a baseball decision (no decision made yet), and Bryant thinks he can be the guy to make the Opening Day roster, even if Epstein says he’s never once done it in 13 years of leading baseball organizations (having a young player make his MLB debut on Opening Day, that is). Whatever the many factors leading to whatever the Cubs decide, they’re going to what they believe is the best combination of “good for the organization” and “good for Bryant” – there’s never going to be a perfect harmony between those two things in these situations, but you do the best you can. And in Epstein’s long, successful experience, the answer has been to debut youngsters after the season has started (and probably on the road).
  • On less-traveled note, Bryant told the Tribune that he enjoyed facing Jared Weaver the other day, even though he struck out three times. “It’s good for me to struggle,” he said. I agree completely, and I love that he thinks about it that way. Very little has been a struggle for Bryant in his baseball career thus far, but that won’t be the case once he gets to the big leagues for good. The struggle is a good thing, and part of the process.
  • Paul Sullivan writes about the player inconveniences of the ongoing Wrigley Field renovation. Like the fans, the players will have to have a little patience.
  • Jeff Samardzija said it was a little weird to pitch against the Cubs – who went deep on him four times – and he sees some “feast or famine” ahead for the team this year (ESPN). I think he’s probably right about that, given the extreme power, extreme swings, and extreme youth.
  • A couple of big, potential injuries around baseball: Red Sox catcher Christian Vazquez has something wrong with his elbow, has gotten an MRI, and it “found something.” The details aren’t out yet, as he’s getting a second opinion. Not sure what the Red Sox would do if they lost Vazquez for a significant chunk of the season – Ryan Hanigan could be the starter, I suppose, but Blake Swihart is just 22 with 18 games above AA.
  • The other big, potential injury is a familiar one: Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez has been feeling soreness in his surgically-repaired knee. It’s unfortunate, but injuries seem to have really derailed his career.

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