Cubs Acquiring Additional Bathrooms from Outside the Organization and Other Bullets

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Cubs Acquiring Additional Bathrooms from Outside the Organization and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

respect wrigleyI hope those of you who played had fun in the Opening Day contest yesterday. I had fun … but my team was a disaster. Jeff Samardzija, in particular, torpedoed me with his rough White Sox debut. I’m working with DraftKings to identify the winners of the side contests (the signed Anthony Rizzo bat, going to one random new player; the five BN shirts to the top five BN scorers), and I will be getting in touch with those folks via email. So, if you receive an email from me, make sure you respond to claim your prize.

Once I have permission from those six folks, I’ll share the winners here so you can congratulate/hate them.

  • The Cubs have responded swiftly and vocally to the bathroom fiasco from Opening Night. In a letter to ticket holders (thanks to Myles for passing his on), Cubs Business President Crane Kenney apologized for the bathroom shortage (which led to some truly disgusting choices by some in attendance), and explained what happened, as well as what’s coming. Hopefully the Cubs don’t have to give up much more than a PTBNL to acquire the additional restroom units:

Unfortunately, current construction has caused a temporary reduction in left-field concourse services, and on Sunday, we experienced a temporary malfunction of existing restrooms in the upper deck. The combination of events led to unacceptable wait times throughout the ballpark. Available restroom facilities in the right-field concourse were not altered from 2014 levels.

Four new restrooms, two women’s and two men’s, in the left-field concourse will be available in late May. Once completed, restroom capacity in the left-field concourse will exceed our 2014 levels.

Beginning tomorrow night, we will supplement existing restrooms with portable units in the left-field concourse and outside Gate K. With these facilities in place, we will have approximately the same number of fixtures as we did at the end of the 2014 season. In addition, we are working with our gameday staff to help coordinate concourse traffic by communicating shortest wait times at all concourse facilities.

  • It’s good that the Cubs are being aggressive about the issue, because it was an almost comically big problem at an otherwise enjoyable game (well, besides the play on the field). My own experience featured a tour at every level in every corner of the park to find a bathroom without a multi-inning wait – and the place was so congested, generally, that it took a very long time just to get through 20 feet of concourse. By the mid-innings, the bathroom problem seemed to have abated, as I was better able to relieve myself in the 6th inning. The fact that this became a national story is going to help, also, by impacting fan behavior – in the aggregate, fewer will plan on being able to freely use the restroom at Wrigley. About whether that’s an appropriate thing or not, I make no comment.
  • (Alternate headline: Cubs Being More A-commode-ating.)
  • The Cubs are still figuring out the ideal volume for games, given the new video board and sound system at the ballpark. Some folks in the area complained that it was a bit too loud (Tribune).
  • Ryan Braun is dealing with a rib cage strain, which has him day-to-day. He got an MRI, so we’ll see if he winds up missing time.
  • A profile on Joe Maddon and the importance of respect, and another one here on the unique manger.
  • If you missed it last night, Michael wrote about the bright spot that is the Cubs’ bullpen.
  • At the open of the season, I like to re-share something I wrote a few Opening Days ago about fandom and mortality. Thanks to Colton for the reminder to share.

Author: Brett Taylor

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