Jorge Soler Goes Deep Twice, Unleashes His Cannon, Arismendy Alcantara Walks Off (VIDEO)

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Jorge Soler Goes Deep Twice, Unleashes His Cannon, Arismendy Alcantara Walks Off (VIDEO)

Chicago Cubs

jorge soler watching ball goSo, which win was more exciting? Sunday’s Dexter Fowler-capped late comeback win in Colorado, or last night’s Solercantara comeback-walk-off?

Last night’s game unquestionably had more exciting individual moments, and it included an actual walk-off. On the other hand, the Cubs were down to their last strike in the Rockies game. And I don’t think fans were expecting that game to go the Cubs’ way at all.

So, I’ll go with this: last night’s game was more exciting, but the Fowler homer on Sunday was the singular most exciting moment of the two games. Fair?

As for last night’s win, how about Jorge Soler? It’s not like we didn’t know he was a stud, but he really put it all on display last night. I may have been most impressed by his 10th inning at bat, where he was so clearly unmoved by the pressure of the moment – winning run at second base, and the desire to knock that run in – that he put together a very normal, patient at bat. And then he ripped a single to left so hard that Anthony Rizzo had no chance to even try and score.

Also, there were these two homers, each with two strikes, and each a shot:

I sure do love watching that giant chain bouncing around as Soler rounds the bases. I also love watching the pitcher’s reaction on the second one. Immediately, he knew he’d made a terrible, irreversible mistake.

And, of course, Soler doesn’t just have a bat:

Players should know by now not to test Soler’s arm. I suppose the defense of Zack Cozart there is that he may not have thought the ball would get all the way to Soler. It did, and Cozart was meat.

Now, let’s once again enjoy the end of the game. What a time for Arismendy Alcantara’s first hit of the year:

Alcantara gets absolutely destroyed by the mob – look at his jersey after he finally exits the scrum – after Starlin Castro tracks him down. Also: watch what Miguel Montero does – twice – at the 21-second mark.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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