I Wonder if I Can Win a Fantasy Contest Starting All Chicago Cubs Players

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I Wonder if I Can Win a Fantasy Contest Starting All Chicago Cubs Players

Chicago Cubs

draftkings[DraftKings is a sponsor of Bleacher Nation, and these contests help keep the lights on and keep this place free for you to use. I also really do happen to play DraftKings, so I hope you’ll indulge me.]

When the Chicago Cubs lose a day game to finish out a series, it’s a particular bummer. I can’t just go to sleep to dream away the frustration, and I’ve got to sit in it for the rest of the day.

So, I’m going to try and turn it around and have a little fun with the Cubs. Tomorrow night, there’s another DraftKings fantasy contest – $10,000 prize pool, $3 to enter (or free if it’s your first time and you make a deposit) – and I’m going to go full out on Cubs. I’m starting as many Cubs players as possible, just because what-the-hell. I won $6 in the last contest, so clearly I’ve got money to burn.

You have to have at least three teams represented in your positional players, so I had to add a couple non-Cubs to make it work (together with Jacob deGrom). Here’s the team:

draftkings lineup april 24

To be quite clear, this is not a team I would necessarily pick for a one-day fantasy contest. While, yes, I like that the Cubs will be playing in Great American Ballpark and some good things can happen, I would not, for example, endorse starting David Ross (whom I guessing will get the start tomorrow with Jon Lester on the mound) against a righty (the Cubs face Mike Leake). I’m also not sure I’d start Jon Lester, even at that price, if I were just flat-out trying to win.

As for my non-Cubs position players: I had to go with another outfielder because I’m not sure if Dexter Fowler is going to play, so I’m going with Angel Pagan (Coors Field), partly because he was cheap and I was running out of payroll. At second base, Addison Russell isn’t eligible yet, so I went with Brandon Phillips because I am totally trolling myself.

I’ll have to keep tabs tomorrow and see if these guys all actually start, but it’ll make tomorrow night’s game even more fun – or frustrating – to watch. I guess I’m pulling for an absolute Cubs blowout, where Jon Lester dominates for nine innings (but Brandon Phillips happens to reach base every time and steal some bases, too).

Feel free to play in the contest tomorrow night, too, but you may not brag when you beat me. I’m just goofing around.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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