BT at BP: Cubs Versus Cardinals, By the Numbers - Was the Series Outcome "Fair"?

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BT at BP: Cubs Versus Cardinals, By the Numbers – Was the Series Outcome “Fair”?

Chicago Cubs

cardinals sad injuryIf you watched almost any of this week’s series in St. Louis, you can speak anecdotally to how head-shakingly frustrating the Cubs’ losses to the Cardinals were. It seemed that, when the Cardinals needed a hit, the gods blessed the ball with the perfect speed, spin and angle to accommodate. By contrast, our minds tell us, the Cubs frequently hammered the ball—yesterday notwithstanding—only for a Cardinals defender to materialize, consistently, in the perfect spot to make a play.

Of course, our anecdotal memory is often flawed and biased, and sometimes flat-out wrong.

I was curious, at the end of this series, what the numbers would say about the teams’ performance. Was a 3-1 series win for the Cardinals reflective of the teams’ underlying performance? Was it the “fair” outcome?

A handful of numbers for your consideration …


Cubs: 20

Cardinals: 27


Cubs: 38

Cardinals: 42

Extra-base Hits

Cubs: 15

Cardinals: 13

Walks (batters)

Cubs: 16

Cardinals: 11

Strikeouts (batters)

Cubs: 41

Cardinals: 25


Cubs: 5

Cardinals: 2


Cubs: .345

Cardinals: .357


Cubs: .327

Cardinals: .360


Cubs: 4.28

Cardinals: 3.30

For my thoughts on the series and the meaning of those numbers, read the rest of the article over at BP Wrigleyville.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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