There is Now a Right Field Video Board at Wrigley Field

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There is Now a Right Field Video Board at Wrigley Field

Chicago Cubs

Earlier this year, the Chicago Cubs set out a new timetable for renovation-related projects. Included therein, the Cubs disclosed that the expected debut of the right field video board – the smaller board in far right field – would be around the All-Star break in mid-July.

About that … the board went up over the course of the past week:

Assuming those gents are correct on the board’s full functionality today – and there’s no reason to doubt them – that game against the Mets is going to be quite an event. Not only will this right field video board make its debut, but the left and center field bleachers will finally be open.

A well-timed update, as, yes, the board is indeed on today:

As for the timing of the board, I do wonder if the original mid-July timeline had more to do with the ongoing rooftop court case than the ability of the Cubs to physically get the board in place. Having subsequently won a major victory in that case, which primarily focused on the right field signage, perhaps the Cubs felt comfortable moving forward ahead of schedule.

Whatever the case, the board should be good to go on Monday, as well as the left and center field bleachers. Looking forward to it.

More construction shots, by the way:

The latest shots of the ongoing renovation work at Wrigley Field from BN’er Darth Ivy, who braved some nasty weather just after these shots were taken. So thanks, man!

Posted by Bleacher Nation on Sunday, May 10, 2015

If you’re going to be around, I’ll be at that game tonight, staking out a new, temporary location in the bleachers. I’ve never really sat way up in center field, generally preferring the intimacy of being close to the wall, but maybe I’ll try that out this time. Variety is the spice of life!

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