MLBits: Matt Holliday Out, Lance Lynn, Too? No-Hitter for the Giants, Bats in the Stands, More

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MLBits: Matt Holliday Out, Lance Lynn, Too? No-Hitter for the Giants, Bats in the Stands, More

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  • While running down a fly ball in shallow left field Monday in Colorado, the Cardinals’ Matt Holliday tripped over his own feet and fell to the ground. After rolling around in pain for a few moments, Holliday was able to walk off the field on his own, but was lifted from the game. Unfortunately, the good news ends there as an MRI revealed a Grade 2 strain, forcing the Cardinals to put Holliday on the 15-day DL. On the year, Holliday has been quite good (.303/.417/.421), so this definitely hurts the Cardinals who are already facing injuries from several key players. St. Louis has recalled RHP Miguel Socolovich from Triple-A Memphis to fill Holliday’s spot on the roster for now.
  • … and the injury news doesn’t stop there for the Cardinals as Lance Lynn left the game Sunday night after five innings because of tightness in his forearm. Lynn left the team to head back to St. Louis on Tuesday for a series of exams, but the results of those exams are not yet public. He is expected to have an MRI, as well, and his scheduled Saturday start is in jeopardy. On the year, Lynn is 4-4 with a 3.07 ERA (2.87 FIP) over 73.1 IP.
  • The Cardinals have faced some serious injury issues this year with all of Adam Wainwright, Jordan Walden, Matt Adams and Matt Holliday currently on the disabled list. If Lance Lynn has to head to the disabled list too, you have to wonder when some of this will catch up with them. They are a good team with solid depth, but they are missing some of their most important players. Right now, the Cardinals are 38-21 … the best record in baseball (#BRIB – you’re welcome, Cardinals fans).
  • On Tuesday night, San Francisco Giants’ pitcher Chris Heston no hit the Mets in New York. It took him 110 pitches (72 for strikes) to complete the game. Three hit batters, including one in the ninth inning, are all that stood between Heston and a perfect game. Heston, 27, is a rookie this year, and has started off the first third of the season with a 3.67 ERA (3.74 FIP) over 96 IP.
  • After a fan was struck in the head by a piece of a broken bat during Friday night’s A’s/Redsox game, many are calling for MLB teams to implement more netting and safety precautions, inside stadiums, to protect the audience. At the same time, others are calling for a more “cautious approach,” so that we don’t overreact to a situation and detract from the game experience. I don’t have very strong opinions on the matter; done tastefully, extra safety precautions are kind of a no-brainer for me. How do you feel?
  • The Pitch f/x tracking system Sportsvision announced – in conjunction with MLB – a deal ensuring its use by all 30 MLB teams, through the end of the season. Unfortunately for Sportsvision, the short term extension is causing many to speculate the end is near. When the short term extension is combined with the recent implementation the recent implementation of Statcast across all 30 parks, the writing may be on the walls. For what it’s worth, MLBAM Executive Vice President of Business Kenny Gersh said that Sportsvision is still a valuable partner and that MLB looks forward to additional collaborations in the future.
  • This is just a brilliantly funny (on accident) headline. Instead of spelling the mistake out for you, I’ll just link you to the follow two definitions: Amphibious &  Ambidextrous.

  • As a guy [who] writes stuff that others occasionally read, I have empathy for the author, Howard Ulman, and I suspect he will not make that mistake again any time soon. Though, he should try writing with an anonymous comment section below every article. I, for example, had to google “Empathy vs. Sympathy” to make sure I didn’t get a lecture from the least fun guy named Dave that I know.
  • The Colorado Rockies created a fun promotion involving different colored light bulbs which allowed them to use the following phrase:

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