Get Ready for Cubs to Face Two of the Best Prospects in Baseball and Other Bullets

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Get Ready for Cubs to Face Two of the Best Prospects in Baseball and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

happy cubs old logoI’m used to being shocked by ‘Game of Thrones.’ In fact, there’s almost nothing that could plausibly happen that would shock me anymore. Last night was so shocking that it actually wound up not shocking me – because there’s no way it’s going to play out as it appeared. There’s more coming (even if certain actors deny it). Unfortunately, we now have to wait 10 months to know what.

  • Do you like big-time prospects? Do you like watching them with your eyeballs? Well, then get ready for a visual feast. The Chicago Cubs play the Indians and Twins this week, and each team this weekend called up its top prospect – each of whom just happens to be a top five prospect in all of baseball. For the Twins, it’s Byron Buxton, the only player in years who has been compared to Mike Trout without making you laugh for hours. For the Indians, it’s Francisco Lindor, the frequent subject of Baez-versus-Lindor debates among shortstop prospects until the Russell-Correa-Seager wave took over.
  • I think it’s a lot of fun to see the youthful injection this kind of talent is bringing to the big leagues (the Cubs, obviously, are doing it, too). The game is getting younger and younger as development is better, young players are even more prepared, and aging players are less propped up by PEDs. It cuts both ways, of course – I want to see Buxton and Lindor, but I don’t want to see them beating the Cubs – but it’s going to be a really fun week.
  • There was so much to last night’s win besides the walk-off, and this CSN article does a great job of getting into it.
  • If you’re wondering why, even as the bullpen has shuffled so much already this year, we haven’t yet seen Armando Rivero, one of the Cubs’ best relief prospects last year, Tommy Birch spoke to Rivero and his manager about his erratic performance this year. Sounds like it’s not just a matter of poor fastball command, but also his fastball velocity being down a couple ticks.
  • Rian Watt examines Tsuyoshi Wada’s struggles in his last two starts, but there’s not a clear explanation for what has gone wrong. Sometimes it’s good to go through the analysis just to see where it takes you.
  • Speaking of guys who struggled the last two times out, Jon Lester says that this time around, he just felt like himself (
  • If you missed it this morning, Luke catches you up on all things Cubs prospects from the weekend. And I catch you up on everything else from the weekend.
  • Also, Ian Happ has reportedly signed with the Cubs for $3 million.
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