Did the Cubs Just Do Something They Haven't Done in 130 Years? And Other Bullets

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Did the Cubs Just Do Something They Haven’t Done in 130 Years? And Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

joe maddon cubsWe’re almost to the halfway mark in the season, so MLB.tv cut its price in half for the rest of the year. If you were waiting to see if the Cubs were definitely going to be competitive before buying, now you know. If you buy MLB.tv via this link, you’ll support BN in the process, too.

  • This seems very hard to believe – so hard to believe that … I’m not sure I believe it – but, according to MLB.com, yesterday’s win gave the Cubs their first season sweep over another team of seven games or more since 1885. That can’t be right, can it? I suppose it’s possible. It’s just really, really surprising. I’m not quite sure how to verify or check in a way that won’t take a few days, so I guess I’ll just roll with it until/unless someone tells me otherwise.
  • Your must-read of the day comes from Patrick Mooney, who explores the power dynamic between Theo Epstein and Joe Maddon. Once again, Maddon is simply the perfect fit for this organization at this place in time.
  • Maddon is also great at keeping things light, as we know, and even a more serious guy like Jon Lester approves (CSN).
  • The Cubs may have placed the final straw on the back of the simmering camel of fan and media outrage in New York about the Mets’ lack of commitment to being competitive. #SorryNotSorry
  • When a Jonathan Herrera homer knocks you, a Cy Young candidate, out of the game, you might feel the urge to hit something:

  • In the future, you may want to use your left hand. Also: that takes me back.
  • Donn Roach will indeed get a second start for the Cubs on Saturday, with Tsuyoshi Wada on the disabled list. His “cramp” (not-even-getting-any-further-tests-done) injury is a reminder that, no matter how minor the issue is described as, or how confident the team sounds publicly about a guy coming back soon, the return is often much longer than you think. (Keeping in mind, by the way, that this time of year, the Cubs have a pretty strong incentive not to say a whole lot except positive things about their erstwhile fifth starter, given that they’re out there in the market trying to acquire a pitcher. You don’t want other teams thinking/knowing that you’ve got an extra layer of desperation.)
  • John Baker writes about how a gay ballplayer would be received in the locker room and on the playing field.
  • Despite this unbelievable call, which wound up leading to two runs for the Cardinals, they lost again:

  • Manny:

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