Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant Are Stars, Crazy Bat Routine, Cowherd and Other Bullets

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Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant Are Stars, Crazy Bat Routine, Cowherd and Other Bullets

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rizzo bryantThis might read as a complaint, but it’s totally not – yesterday was a looooong day. With a brief interlude to pick up the kids from school and play outside with them a bit between 5pm and 7pm, I was at my computer, pecking away from 7am until 10pm (and then I couldn’t get myself off my phone until midnight). It felt like a stretch during the Blogathon, where I couldn’t keep up with everything I wanted to write. It was exhausting … but it got me pretty excited for the coming week. Hopefully, you got that feel yesterday, too.

  • You already knew this, but it’s fun to see it coming from the world of “baseball”, generally: the Chicago Cubs have two bona fide stars. MLB just revealed its top 20 jersey sales from the first half of the season, and number 10 was Anthony Rizzo, and number 2 was Kris Bryant. The Cubs’ competitiveness and upswing undoubtedly has a lot to do with it, but that’s not enough. Bryant and Rizzo are great players, too, but that’s probably not enough, either. They also happen to have the vibe of fun-loving, genuine people who appreciate what they’re doing (and work hard at it) every day. People want to put those names on their back.

  • And if the Cubs keep going like this, and some other youngsters do their thing, I’d imagine there will be a couple more Cubs players in the top 20 by this time next year.
  • Kyle Schwarber is soaking up everything the Cubs are throwing at him as he continues developing as a catcher (
  • A very interesting read on baserunners – and scoring those baserunners – from Scott Lindholm.
  • Several folks passed this on to me, and wow, yes, thank you for doing so:

  • Best part? The catcher is completely unfazed through the entire thing.
  • Stupid: running onto the field during a baseball game. More stupid: videoing yourself doing it. Most stupid: posting the video to Twitter and bragging about your accomplishment. Result: so very arrested, significant penalties possible. That kid was just lucky he didn’t do it at Wrigley Field, where coming onto the field of play is a felony.
  • Colin Cowherd said something incredibly stupid and probably racist about Dominican baseball players, and then doubled down on stupid by “explaining” that he only meant to say that most baseball players and managers are dumb, and the game is super simplistic, and anyone could manage a baseball game.
  • On a much happier note (getting close to the rally bucket):

Author: Brett Taylor

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