The Night Just Gets Crazier: Troy Tulowitzki Reportedly Dealt to Blue Jays (UPDATES)

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The Night Just Gets Crazier: Troy Tulowitzki Reportedly Dealt to Blue Jays (UPDATES)

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Being that I’ve got a 38-hour Blogathon coming in a couple days, I can’t stay up too late to follow this. But, for now, holy crap:

That came WAY out of nowhere, because, while Tulo’s name had come up in rumors for years, the Rockies had never actually shown any inclination to deal him. And, even when the rumors popped up, the Blue Jays weren’t really in them. Even now, I’m confused – does Tulo bounce Jose Reyes to another position? Does Reyes get dealt? Are there more moves coming?

Either way, it sounds like the Rockies just got a little weaker for their next two games with the Cubs. Tulowitzki was pulled in the 9th, but no one mentioned any hugs.

My head is spinning thanks to tonight’s crazy win, the many Cubs/Padres rumors, and now this. With apologies, I’m going to bed. I can’t wait to sort all of this out in the morning.

UPDATE: I swear, I’m not staying up to follow this. I’m going to bed. But one last thing:

That’s odd. Will the Rockies now try and spin Reyes off, or do they actually want to keep him? In any case … can he please take a few days getting to his new team? Kthxgoodnight.

UPDATE 2 (Michael): The trade expands…

Update 3 (Michael): This is certainly an odd trade, but there is likely more to it than meets the eye. Rosenthal broke it, and here is his latest, as of 11:52 PM:

Update 4 (Michael): According to Jon Morosi, #12 overall prospect – according to MLB Pipeline – Daniel Norris is not included in this deal:

Update 5 (Michael): And things are starting to get more interesting. Although this is unconfirmed, a third team could actually make this trade more logical. (EDIT: Cotillo is now reporting that the trade is likely a more traditional two team trade).

Update 6 (Michael): Jon Morosi is now hearing that Blue Jays number five overall prospect (third highest ranked Blue Jay pitching prospect) Miguel Castro may be included in the deal…

Update 7 (Michael): And now Jon Heyman agrees:

Update 8 (Michael): There is no money included in this deal, per Jon Heyman and Joel Sherman.

Final Update (Michael): As of now (1:00 AM) it is Troy Tulowitzki and LaTroy Hawkins to the Blue Jays in exchange for Jose Reyes, RHP prospect Miguel Castro and two more minor leaguers . It remains likely that Reyes is viewed as a candidate to be flipped, but there is three more days for that to play out. Brett will have more on this tomorrow.

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