Mets Reportedly Getting Carlos Gomez from Brewers

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Mets Reportedly Getting Carlos Gomez from Brewers

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[You know the drill. Lots of updates below.]

I’m working on a Lukewarm Stove to wind down the day (and carry me through the night while I sleep in advance of the #BNBlogathon), but that might take a while to complete, and I wanted to get this in front of you first:

And it goes on like that. Sounds like a big move could be coming, but various other rumors out there seem to rule out just about everyone you would think the Mets could be going after.

This is of obvious interest to the Cubs, as the Mets are right there in the Wild Card race (and, there’s a chance the Mets could wind up getting someone the Cubs were interested in, too, though that seems unlikely if it’s a big bat).

Mystery! Intrigue! Trade madness!

UPDATE: Folks hinting at the possibility of Carlos Gomez:

Gomez would, needless to say, be a huge upgrade for the Mets, both this and next year. The this year part is the part that concerns me, what with the Nationals also already improving, and the possibility that the second Wild Card comes out of the East. And that’s if the Giants don’t also improve quite a bit.

UPDATE 2: Uh oh, it might very well be Gomez:

I guess the upside would be Gomez being gone before the Cubs start a four-game series against the Brewers tomorrow.

UPDATE 3: Maybe I feel burned by recent Tommy John recoverees, or maybe I’m underestimating Wilmer Flores, but this doesn’t seem like enough:

UPDATE 4: Well this sounds much steeper:

I assume the four referenced there are Syndergaard, Matz, deGrom and Harvey? If so, I doubt Mets would even consider it.

UPDATE: Well, it’s happening:

So, the Brewers are about to get better for the future (not as much as I would have expected), but worse for the rest of this year and next year. And the Mets just got a huge injection. (#phrasing)

Author: Brett Taylor

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