Speculated Three-Team Blockbuster - Cubs, Padres, Red Sox (UPDATES: Never Existed?)

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Speculated Three-Team Blockbuster – Cubs, Padres, Red Sox (UPDATES: Never Existed?)

Chicago Cubs

Given the overlap in relationships, previous scouting, and interest in players (so many overlapping players in recent days), maybe this shouldn’t be a surprise:

You don’t have to stretch too far to start coming up with pieces that fit, but, at the same time, massive deals involving three teams are super difficult to put together, especially with a time constraint.

I want to see something like this happen just for the excitement. But, in reality, I actually only want to see it if it’s prudent for the Cubs.

The Deadline is four and a half hours away …

UPDATE: Now it’s barely three hours away. Wonder if this has anything to do with the above:

Given the late hour, if Olney is right, then, yes, I’d say it’s pretty much a lock that there’s a relationship here. The Red Sox’s ugly contracts include Sandoval and Ramirez (maybe Porcello already?), as well as the bit left on Allen Craig’s deal. The Cubs and Padres also have some contracts they probably wouldn’t mind moving.

Complicated, complicated.

UPDATE 2: And just like that, more chatter on one of the bad Padres contracts:

UPDATE 3: Just a little confirmation that conversations did occur/are occurring:

UPDATE 4: The Cubs have reportedly acquired Dan Haren, which may be a sign that no big deal is going to go through. Also, this:

UPDATE 5: Unlikely, but … not dead?

Even after picking up Dan Haren, I can see pieces that make plenty of sense for the Cubs. Not saying it’s likely, but conceivable.

UPDATE 6: For example, one conceivable deal …

… would have the Cubs picking up those two, and sending along young, ML-ready players to the Padres (Baez? Hendricks? not that you’re looking to trade either guy, but the addition of Haren would make Hendricks movable in a deal for Ross). This is NOT a rumor that’s out there that I’ve heard or become aware of. I’m simply saying this is a possible angle to square the movement today. I’m not betting on it.

UPDATE 7: Some of this is wishcasting, I’m sure, but I could see how this:

relates to a three-team deal. The Padres were in on Sandoval in the off-season, and maybe they would be interested in taking him on … if Cubs take on Gyorko and Kimbrel contracts? Or Red Sox do? And Cubs or Red Sox get Ross for their trouble plus send prospects to San Diego? I’m just thinking out loud.

UPDATE 8: Just passing these two things on in tandem:

UPDATE 9: It was alive! Then dead. Then alive again! Then it never even existed:

Wipe it from your memories friends, like a life you never lived, erased by a butterfly’s wings in the past. Never existed.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.