More Signs Cubs Are Working on Something with the Padres? (UPDATES: Er, or is it the Astros?)

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More Signs Cubs Are Working on Something with the Padres? (UPDATES: Er, or is it the Astros?)

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A few items to pass along regarding the Cubs/Padres trade that may or may not be brewing at some point before 3pm CT on Friday:

Luke also made a great point during the Live Stream: consider that the Padres are rumored to be this huge seller, telling everyone they want to make all these moves; then consider how many moves have been made around the game by tons and tons of buyers; then consider that the Padres have been completely stationary so far. Then add to that the rumors that the Cubs and Padres could be working on something, and it’s reasonable to suspect that the reason the Padres haven’t participated in the league-wide selling yet is because that’s all pending whatever happens – or doesn’t – with the Cubs.

That’s just a theory (but a smart one, if you ask me (at 1am, anyway)).

Don’t go expecting anything to happen, mind you. The prices still have to be rational for the Cubs to make a move. It’s possible that they really want Ross, but it’s equally possible that the Padres want a king’s ransom for him. It just might not happen by the deadline. If it comes to that, I’d still like to see the Cubs fall back on someone like Ian Kennedy, but we’ll get there when we get there.

UPDATE: Or is the “something big” with the Astros?

How many starting pitchers are the Astros going to add into their rotation, anyway? Kazmir and Fiers not enough? Bah. Back off, Houston.

UPDATE 2: This would be a bummer:

Even if that happens, there are still angles for the Cubs, mind you.

UPDATE 3: I suppose it wouldn’t have made sense for no other teams to be connected to the Padres at this point, even if the Padres were just trying to play teams off of each other. Then again, it’s not like a guy like Ross wouldn’t appeal to like 15 teams. Anyway, more on Astros:

UPDATE 4: Welp:

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