More on the Cubs' Enormous TV Ratings Jump

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More on the Cubs’ Enormous TV Ratings Jump

Chicago Cubs

kid-watching-tvA few weeks ago, Brett updated us on the Cubs’ TV ratings, noting that they were/are blowing up at the most important time. Indeed, the July 8 game against the Cardinals averaged a 5.04 rating with a 7.2 peak (which equals about 250K homes). The Cubs’ peak in 2014, for context, was just 3.2.

Adding to that positivity, Forbes comes in with some more good news, indicating that the Cubs’ household rating in 2015 has increased by 112% over the 2014 average. With an average rating of 1.47 in 2014, the Cubs 2015 figure (3.12) is dwarfing last season’s average rating at nearly the best pace in baseball. (The Kansas City Royals hold that distinction, with a 114% increase over last season’s numbers.)

The Cubs are one of 13 teams to see gains over last year, but their increase (along with the Royals) is far greater than any other team – the Padres come in next at 52%, but something tells me that number is going to fall starting after the trade deadline this Friday. The Chicago White Sox, for what it’s worth, are worst in baseball in their overall rating (0.8) and drop from last year (-42%).

It’s worth checking out the Forbes article, as well as Brett’s recent take, for more context around these numbers and what they all mean (it’s really important stuff for the future financial health of the Cubs’ organization). Keep mind, by the way, that a single ratings point represents 1 percent of the total number of television households in a given market. That is how the Royals can have a much higher rating than a club like the Cubs, despite lower actual viewership numbers, and is likely part of the reason why the Chicago White Sox are struggling so greatly.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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