Kyle Schwarber Says Everything You Hoped He Would Say About His Injury

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Kyle Schwarber Says Everything You Hoped He Would Say About His Injury

Chicago Cubs

Before today’s game, Kyle Schwarber shared some thoughts on the rib cage injury that will have him out three to five days (or more), and it was pretty much exactly what I’d imagine you were hoping to hear:

In these situations, the things you want to hear are: he felt like he could play through it (check), he hasn’t felt anything since the initial bad feeling (check), he hopes to be back as soon as he’s cleared (check), and if it were the playoffs he’d be playing (check).

None of that is to say that it’s not an injury worth taking seriously and treating cautiously, but these are the things you like hearing from the player if you want to believe that this all really is just a matter of precaution.

In other words, Schwarber’s comments provide further support for the idea that the Cubs are playing it very safe with an injury that could get worse if it’s not given time to settle down, and are playing it safe with a guy who could be very important in the second half of September and beyond. Heck, even just the rest – after such a long season for him – can’t be a bad thing.

So, hopefully the Cubs will play well without him the next few days, and hopefully he’s able to return at some point during that Cardinals series.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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