Kyle Schwarber Keeps Racking Up the Crazy Highlights (VIDEOS)

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Kyle Schwarber Keeps Racking Up the Crazy Highlights (VIDEOS)

Chicago Cubs

Not a day after narrowly avoiding a foul ball in the dugout by embarrassingly skillfully tumbling without injury, and just a couple weeks after wiping out on the basepaths on a homer, Kyle Schwarber made a highlight reel catch in the outfield last night, complete with a heads up flip of the ball immediately thereafter:

Those Statcast metrics arguably aren’t too kind to Schwarber there as an outfielder, but, hey, that’s a great catch and then avoiding the wall. And by tossing the ball, with his glove, to Dexter Fowler, Schwarber probably saved another run from scoring on the play.

The way the played out lead to this hilarious picture, which is oh-so-captionable:

But that wasn’t all of the wackiness for Schwarber’s day, because this is just nuts:

You can watch the full video of that foul here, including the humorous reactions.

Crazy stuff is just seeking this guy out lately. I never even mentioned the bellyflop in the bullpen from this weekend, or the two pop-up “doubles” he’s had in the last month.

You already knew not to miss Kyle Schwarber at bats, but you pretty much can’t afford to miss anything he does. Or things that are done to him.

Author: Brett Taylor

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