The Tentative Cubs Schedule for 2016 is Tentative and Other Bullets

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The Tentative Cubs Schedule for 2016 is Tentative and Other Bullets

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happy cubs old logoToday is my 34th birthday. So that’s cool. My 33rd year was an excellent one, and I’m legitimately excited to see what 34 has in store. Thanks for being at my party.

  • With a big hat tip to Luis, the Cubs/Angels 2016 opener now shows not as Tuesday, April 5, but as Monday, April 4 (each of the Cubs’ and Angels’ tentative schedules now reflect that date as the opener, even if nothing’s been announced). When the tentative schedule first came out back in September, the two teams were to play an exhibition game in Anaheim on that Sunday, then have an off-day on Monday, and then start the season on Tuesday (which is when a lot of teams are off, following their own opener on Monday). Now the schedules show the exhibition on Sunday, and games on Monday and Tuesday, with an off-day on Wednesday. This could just be a glitch, and it could mean nothing at all. Or it could be that the opener is being shifted a day.
  • Even more strangely, the official tentative MLB schedule now lists Cubs/Angels games on all three of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of that week. I’m going to assume that’s just a glitch associated with moving the Wednesday game to Monday, rather than adding a third game, since that would require chopping off another game at some point in the season. I suppose the other possibility is that they will add that third game, but the Monday game will be another exhibition game. It would be strange to hold yet another exhibition game in a big league stadium, though, on the day when most other teams are starting their season.
  • Long story short: the Cubs might be opening the season on Monday, April 4 in Anaheim or Tuesday, April 5 in Anaheim (or I suppose possibly even Sunday, April 3 in Anaheim if ESPN opts to make that the Sunday Opening Night Game). If it were up to the teams, you can see why they’d probably prefer to open on that Monday, giving themselves an off-day on Wednesday.
  • Long story shorter: there’s a reason these schedules are initially announced as tentative.
  • If you missed it last night or in the write-up this morning, the Mets had a couple surprising goats show up to assist with Game Four’s loss to the Royals.
  • David Laurila’s Sunday Notes at FanGraphs are aways worth a read.
  • David Cameron writes at FanGraphs about title inflation in baseball, and, specifically, how it impacted Alex Anthopoulos’s decision to leave the Blue Jays.
  • Completely unrelated to the Cubs or baseball, but this must be shared. I don’t think anything will ever top THE BAND IS ON THE FIELD, but this is absolutely incredible:

Author: Brett Taylor

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