Looking Back at the Chicago Cubs' 2015 Draft Class Via Baseball America's Report Card

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Looking Back at the Chicago Cubs’ 2015 Draft Class Via Baseball America’s Report Card

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ian happ south bend cubsAs the Cubs continue to become more and more competitive at the Major League level, I find myself less concerned with the minor leagues, the draft, top prospect lists, etc…. Of course, this isn’t the right way to go about things, but I’m sure many of you often find yourself feeling the same way – especially at this time of the year.

But remember, prospects from the 2015 Draft are important assets for the Cubs in more ways than one. Some might become the center of trade packages, while others might find themselves up with the big league team in a little over a year (like Kyle Schwarber). While neither outcome is particularly likely, both are possible and often discussed. It behooves you to continue closely following the Cubs’ MiLB system, as the team trudges on into its competitive window, because the fruits therein will continue to have a huge impact on the big league roster. So, for example, when Baseball America comes out with its annual 2015 Draft Report Card for the Cubs, it’s time to do more research. (Also, if you missed BA’s new top ten Cubs prospect list, catch up here.)

The article contains premium content, so I will only give you a small taste, but it is well worth the read. Within the piece, Baseball America separated the position players and pitchers taken by the Cubs in the 2015 draft and identified players as the best in the class via a series of categories.

See the awards and winners, below:

Position Players

Best Pure Hitter: Ian Happ (OF/2B)

Best Power Hitter: Matt Rose (1B/3B)

Fastest Runner: D.J. Wilson (OF)

Best Defensive Player: D.J. Wilson (OF)


Best Fastball: Craig Brooks (94-96 MPH Fastball)

Best Secondary Pitch: Bryan Hudson (Curveball)

Odds and Ends

Best Pro Debut: Preston Morrison (RHP)

Best Athlete: D.J. Wilson (OF)

Most Intriguing Background: David Berg (RHP)

Closest to the Majors: David Berg (RHP), Preston Morrison (RHP)

Best Late-Round Pick: Ian Rice (Catcher)

The One Who Got Away: John Cresto (3B)

For more details surrounding each individual award, as well as more complete thoughts on the winner, check out the Baseball America piece, here. And remember, get familiar with these players now, because you may be seeing their names – one way or another – sooner rather than later.

Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami covers the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls at Bleacher Nation. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami