Cubs Recently Had Trade Conversations with Half the League and Other Bullets

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Cubs Recently Had Trade Conversations with Half the League and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

jed hoyer speaks featureThere should actually be a fair bit to discuss today, and, although I’ll be out and about with the family in Florida today, I’ve got a bunch of good stuff scheduled to post. So, stay tuned.

  • Cubs GM Jed Hoyer was on The Score this weekend, and you can listen to his appearance with Bruce Levine and Mike Esposito here. Among other things, Hoyer said that the front office had “pretty serious” trade discussions with 12 to 15 other teams, which is fascinating. He didn’t really get into what constitutes a “serious” trade discussion, but I’d imagine it involved feeling out specific names on one side or the other (but something short of “we’d do X and Y for Z, would you?”). Hoyer said the Cubs just want to make sure and keep in touch with teams where there’s an obvious fit, and he mentioned that many teams like the Cubs’ young hitters.
  • I also found Hoyer’s discussion of what early meetings with agents about a player are like – they don’t really get into money at all in an initial meeting. Instead, it’s just a rough discussion of the fit and the city, and whether it’s going to be worth moving to that next level of discussions.
  • Sahadev Sharma with a great, deep write-up on Jason Hammel’s up-then-down season in 2015. At a surface level, we probably all know the issues, but Sharma digs in a bit more with thoughts from Hammel and Theo Epstein to go a layer beyond “he got hurt and wasn’t the same after.”
  • Pierce Johnson is coming off of his best start in the AFL, and you can read more on his experience there – and in the regular season – here. Among other interesting things in there, he mentions that the non-arm injuries this year gave him a chance to work more on his changeup. It’s conceivable that he could enter 2016 a more well-rounded pitcher than he would have been if he’d stayed healthy. You’d really like to see Johnson finally stay healthy and really break out at AA/AAA next year, because the Cubs could certainly use his contributions before too long.
  • The Reds are going to honor Ken Griffey, Jr. with a dual Reds-Mariners bobblehead, which reminds me of the famous trade.
  • You probably already perceived it, but this year was historically strong – like, 100 years historically strong – for rookies in MLB.
  • If you missed anything this weekend – big stuff on Friday, especially – catch up here.
  • Cubs on Amazon: earlier, it was a set of smaller golf accessories, but maybe you want to go bigger. Much bigger. Like your entire bag.

Author: Brett Taylor

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