Eddy Julio Martinez, Future Star? We Won't Know for a While and Other Bullets

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Eddy Julio Martinez, Future Star? We Won’t Know for a While and Other Bullets

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cubs azl spring training logoWe’re back. The Taylor Family has returned from the Happiest Place on Earth (also: the line-iest, the price-iest, and fun-iest for our kids, so it was all worth it). It was a good trip, and I must confess that I was pleased to see that no huge news or rumors broke while I was away (sorry for you). My biggest stresser was trying to follow, and post about, the Cy Young verdict while waiting in line with two tired children for a ferry boat back to our hotel after the monorail broke down. When the dude managing the line came up to tell us, after two boats had already come and gone over the preceding 45 minutes, that we would just miss the cut off for the next boat, I lost myself for a moment and uttered, quite audibly, an expletive.

But I also ate soooo much bacon over the course of the week, so it was totally worth it.

  • Keith Law chatted, and, among his many thoughts, he was really digging on new Cubs outfield prospect Eddy Julio Martinez. We know that the $3 million bonus he ultimately received was depressed by some oddities behind the scenes (referenced by Law, but not explained explicitly), and Law definitely doesn’t seem to believe it’s reflective of his talent (which is potential future star, to Law). I really can’t wait to see him in action next year. Everyone seems to agree he’s a great athlete, but opinions on whether he can translate the athleticism at the plate are wiiiiildly divergent. Unfortunately, we probably don’t get a look at Martinez until Spring Training, and then probably don’t even have enough views and data to really know anything about anything until July or August next year.
  • Thoughts from the Mets’ side of the Cubs’ waiver claim of Jack Leathersich yesterday. As suspected, it sounds like he was not a guy they were interested in losing, but a wave of young talent coming Rule 5 eligible forced them to clear 40-man space. If you missed this morning’s breakdown of the deadline today that impacted that move, read up on it here. Some things will happen today.
  • I’m trying to decide between a couple logo options for Baseball Is Fun, and you can help me pick by rating two of the options here.
  • Speaking of which, the latest at Baseball Is Fun is one of my favorite non-Cubs things from the 2015 season: a “highlight” reel of Hanley Ramirez trying to play left field. I could watch it again and again (and I do).
  • So, former Mariners coach Andy Van Slyke had some … surprising things to say about Robinson Cano (worst season he’s ever seen?), Yasiel Puig (implied that Clayton Kershaw told management they had to trade Puig), and more. A reminder on that second one: Van Slyke’s son is an outfielder with the Dodgers. Awkward.
  • Cubs on Amazon: sure, it’s designed for dogs, but if you wanted to wear this collar, no one would blame you. I mean, are you fan OR NOT!?

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