Johnny Cueto Reportedly Rejected a Huge Offer from the Diamondbacks and Other Bullets

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Johnny Cueto Reportedly Rejected a Huge Offer from the Diamondbacks and Other Bullets

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  • Jordan Zimmermann reportedly has agreed to a five-year, $110 million deal with the Tigers, but that level of commitment might not quite be enough to get another pitcher on the same tier of free agency. According to a report out of Arizona, Johnny Cueto rejected a six-year, $120 million offer from the Diamondbacks. That rejection is notable is so many regards: (1) Cueto arguably has a little more upside than Zimmermann (and doesn’t cost a draft pick), but similar potential injury concerns on a long-term deal; (2) the AAV of Zimmermann’s deal was $22 million, whereas that offer to Cueto would be just $20 million, even if he’s getting the extra year; (3) how much more can Cueto realistically expect to get in such a crowded market?, and (4) clearly, the Diamondbacks really do have money to spend on pitching (though Ken Rosenthal suggests Cueto may have been a special case).
  • We’ve discussed before how the Diamondbacks’ plans for this offseason intersect with the Cubs – they’re strong and young on the positional side, with a clear need for impact pitching. That could come via spending on a guy like Cueto, or it could come via a trade involving the type of arms the Cubs might be considering. In that regard, since the Cubs are not presently looking at Cueto, it probably would have been a good thing to see the Diamondbacks land Cueto on that deal. Will the sides keep talking or will the Diamondbacks now move on? Again, I can’t help but wonder if Cueto can realistically get much more – maybe six years at a slightly higher AAV? Or did he not want to pitch for the Diamondbacks? I’d expect the D-Backs now to turn their attention more to the second tier of starters and the trade market, both places where the Cubs are likely to be swimming, which could further impact the prices there.
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