The Cubs Are Headed to Las Vegas This Spring and Other Bullets

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The Cubs Are Headed to Las Vegas This Spring and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

las vegas signI’m gonna try to play some tennis today, though it was supposed to be a lot warmer this afternoon that it’s shaping up to be. It’s ok. I’m tough.

  • If you’re making Spring plans, the Cubs will once again do their Las Vegas trip to play the Mets in a couple exhibition games on March 31 and April 1. The Cubs head to Anaheim that weekend for an exhibition game before the season opener there, so I suspect we’ll see the squad splitting up for much of that week/weekend there at the end of Spring Training. The cool part is that it means many prospects should be in action around that time.
  • The Cubs’ tree-lighting and toy drive looks like it went well last night.
  • What the … was it not Jonathan Herrera all along? My world is shaken:

  • Clayton Richard is very excited to be returning to the Cubs next year (IndyStar).
  • The Diamondbacks unveiled new jerseys … with snake skin-ish accents?
  • It sounds like the change in affiliation last year was not good news for the Kane County Cougars.
  • Catcher Hank Conger was like Jon Lester last year. This FanGraphs piece explains.
  • I used to have pennants all over my room when I was a kid. Basically every sports team for which I could find one (which wasn’t quite as easy as it is today with the Internet). As I was perusing Cubs stuff on Amazon this morning, and came across this beauty of a pennant, I suddenly realized that I have no idea what happened to all of the ones I had as a kid. My mom has long dumped most of my kid stuff back on me, but no pennants. Did they just not last? Are they still in the basement somewhere? Did I get rid of them at some point and I just forgot? I probably haven’t thought about this in 20+ years. I bet you have stuff like that, too … and you’re just now thinking about it.
  • If you missed it last night, reports came out that Kenta Maeda will be posted.
  • BN’er Jerry asked me to pass along a message:

My name is Jerry Nolan and I have cancer. Rectal cancer to be specific. Nice, huh? Talk about a cancer being a pain in my ass.

I was diagnosed last summer, while in the hospital after suffering a (2nd) heart attack. Because of the cardiac involvement, treatment for my cancer was postponed. I’ve been through three infusions so far; halfway. My fourth infusion was scheduled for last Wednesday and was postponed because my blood pressure was low. Dangerously low.

That’s part of why I’m writing. This damn disease has messed up my life in ways I never dreamed of. While the poison is in my body, I’ve been subjected to all kinds of ups and downs. I won’t bore you with the details.

The reason I’m writing is: This is Jimmy V week on ESPN. The V Foundation does wonderful work, as do many, if not most, of the organizations at work around the country. I’m asking that you consider giving to the Foundation. You can call (800-4JimmyV) or go to the website:

It’s likely that some of you reading this have been afflicted. More likely still is that someone you love, or someone you know, has been afflicted. If you’re already donating to this or another site, thank you from the bottom of my heart. If not, please do consider making a donation. And tell a family member, co-worker, or friend about the V Foundation. Ask them to help. They may thank you later. Every dollar helps. If not now, later. You just never know if it will happen to you. Trust me … it does. Did.

Thank you for reading. May the holidays be peaceful and spent with those you love.


Author: Brett Taylor

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