Updated Advanced Catching Statistics Reveal a Great Deal and Other Bullets

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Updated Advanced Catching Statistics Reveal a Great Deal and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

miguel montero cubsEvery year around this time, I see award shows and award nominees, and I think of all these movies I really want to see. But then, somehow, I never find myself actually watching those movies.

I think it’s mostly a matter of time and priorities, because I love movies.

  • Because framing is such an outsized portion of a catcher’s defensive value, that made Contreras slightly below average overall defensively in 2015. That mostly squares with what we’ve heard before on the 23-year-old from the scouting side: the athleticism and ability is there to be very good behind the plate, but he’s not there yet. That said, even now, it already looks like he’s not a guy who’s going to embarrass himself behind the plate.
  • Oh, also: Miguel Montero was the fifth best, overall, defensive catcher in the Major Leagues last year.
  • Cardinals GM John Mozeliak says he was not aware of what former Scouting Director Chris Correa had done until the federal indictment was released on Friday, as Correa pled guilty to various charges (Cardinals.com). Not only does that feel like BS, it also doesn’t exactly cast a great light on the man in charge – completely unaware of what an immediately-reporting executive was doing? Even after he was fired? You didn’t dig into what he’d done to try and determine how your organization had been impacted? Or if you did dig, you didn’t find anything? I can understand why Mozeliak wouldn’t want to say he did know certain things (because obviously), but this is yet another reason why the whole thing looks awful, even if you try to frame it as a “lone gunman.” For his part, Mozeliak said that he does believe Correa acted entirely alone, though he wanted to wait for the whole process to play out (stltoday.com). Again, what else is he supposed to say? (And, again, since we will probably never really know, and since the Cardinals likely benefited from the activity in any case, punishment for the organization must be coming from MLB.)

  • Good on you, Joe Maddon:

Author: Brett Taylor

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