Up All Night: Gettin' Wild with Anthony Rizzo, a Tarp, a Glove, and an Imitation

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Up All Night: Gettin’ Wild with Anthony Rizzo, a Tarp, a Glove, and an Imitation

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Anthony Rizzo was one of the best players in baseball last year. He hit for power. He got on base. He didn’t strike out. He fielded his position well.

Rizzo posted a .278/.387/.512 line with a 145 wRC+ (that means he was 45% better than league average at the plate), and was worth 5.5 WAR. Rizzo was just a tremendously valuable player, and a leader on a young, playoff-bound team.

He was also a lot of fun.

Among the highlights from Rizzo’s season are three wild/weird plays, each of which I’ll never forget (much like his Reds dugout charge from 2014). Maybe you’ve seen them before – repeatedly – but if I know you, I think you don’t mind watching them again.

There was the Jon Lester glove flip to Rizzo, who very smartly and quickly dropped his own glove to receive the throw:

There was the absolutely incredible catch off of the tarp while falling into the stands (which was so wonderful that I hope he never does anything like that again):

And then there was the time Starlin Castro imitated Kris Bryant on a throw to first (aw, Starlin … ) and Rizzo gave him a what-the-eff look:

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Author: Brett Taylor

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