Jon Lester's Already-Improved Second Spring with the Cubs and Other Bullets

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Jon Lester’s Already-Improved Second Spring with the Cubs and Other Bullets

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jon lester cubs featureSo, I’ve recently started exploring the idea of not using a pod-style coffee maker anymore. Yes, I’m still doing the green tea thing (every day! it’s great! it’s good for you!), but I also still have my one morning coffee every day. I look at these pods I keep throwing away, though, and I can’t help but feel guilty for all the waste I’m creating – even if they are super convenient and easy.

When I look at more traditional coffee makers on Amazon, though, it’s pretty overwhelming. Part of the reason I went with pods in the first place several years ago is because I don’t know anything about coffee, and I just wanted to keep it easy. But if I want to maybe be able to have slightly better, more diverse coffee – still in single servings at a time – is it worth spending a little money on a good coffee maker, or can I just go with any old cheap one and it’ll be fine as long as I get decent coffee? It’s just heating water, right?

  • As noted last night in the Spring Training Miscellany, Jon Lester doesn’t sound especially bummed about not being the Cubs’ Opening Day starter this year, an honor that will go instead to Cy Young winner Jake Arrieta. Lester told, in addition to expressing how much Arrieta deserved it: “I think it’s one of the hardest days of the year to pitch, personally. There’s a lot of distractions, a lot of things going on. Everybody’s excited to get the year going. There’s a lot of outside things that are hard to control.” That makes a whole lot of sense, and it was especially true last year, when Lester started for the Cubs on the Sunday Opening Night Game on ESPN, at the recently-renovated Wrigley Field, against the Cardinals, for his new team that just paid him $155 million. That’s a ton of extra stuff to potentially have on the mind when you’re just trying to pitch.
  • Importantly, Lester also tells and CSN Chicago that he’s feeling good this year, and much more normal/routine than last year. You may recall that, at this time last year, we were fairly panic-stricken by word that Lester would be held back a bit thanks to a period of “dead arm,” which was in part due to him trying to show what he could do on his new team and justify his contract too quickly. It ultimately slowed his ramp up for the season, and may have contributed to his slow-ish start in April. Now, Lester not starting on Opening Night is kind of a microcosm of how he can blend more into the scenery of the Cubs – an on-paper powerhouse with so many angles to explore and stars on whom to focus – and just be the quality pitcher he’s always been (which, by the way, he very much was last year, too). Hopefully he remains healthy this Spring, as a typically-productive Lester is a huge part of the Cubs’ rotation.
  • Speaking of Lester, without getting into a whole pickoff throw thing, it would be awesome if he could pick up the killer move that a Rice University pitcher showed off this week.
  • A little more on the Dexter Fowler free agency surprise from Jesse Rogers, who quotes Jed Hoyer as correctly noting that the level of surprise involved in that deal will be hard to match by any team in the future, since the reports of Fowler signing with the Orioles were so firm, not refuted, and by very reputable sources. It’s so true. Setting aside the Cubs aspect or even the baseball aspect … the level of surprise about that deal, even a week later, still sticks with me.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.