Theo Epstein and Jake Arrieta Discuss Status of Extension Negotiations

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Theo Epstein and Jake Arrieta Discuss Status of Extension Negotiations

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This morning, Brett discussed a report that the Chicago Cubs and Jake Arrieta had talked about an extension in the offseason, but there was a gap in the number of years that precluded at deal for now.

Since, both Arrieta and Cubs President Theo Epstein have confirmed those talks, and added a little more context.

I have to say, it was pretty exciting to hear some concrete words from the player and president, themselves, because for so long an extension has been nothing more than a hypothetical.

While no deal was agreed upon between the two sides – who were apparently far off in terms of overall contract length – the existence of conversations are usually a good sign.

From Arrieta:

Simply “having discussions” don’t necessarily indicate a greater chance of a deal, but knowing where the other side stands is the first step to completing one – which we’d all like to see, of course.

From Epstein:

Like I said, it’s important to get the conversation started. No negotiations in the history of negotiating have ever begun with both sides immediately agreeing upon every line item on the table. The only way you can ever get to that point is by laying the groundwork and putting your wants/needs on the table.

So, then, while it was exciting to hear about these discussions for the first time today, it sounds like that may be it, for the time being. Contract extensions are often discussed during the Spring, when the craziness of the season is not weighing on everyone’s mind, but they usually quiet down quite quickly, thereafter.

So, if you don’t hear anything by the end of March, even though Epstein says he wouldn’t rule it out, it’s unlikely we hear about a deal – if at all – until the 2017 offseason.

Hey, at least the man, himself, wants to stay:

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