Dexter Fowler's Offseason Work Has Made Him April MVP and Other Bullets

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Dexter Fowler’s Offseason Work Has Made Him April MVP and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

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  • Baseball’s early and unquestioned MVP has been Dexter Fowler, whose 2.0 WAR so far is 25% higher than the next closest player (Manny Machado, who could have been Fowler’s teammate if not for an apparently bungled negotiation by the Orioles and a shocking return to the Cubs). Here’s hoping Fowler keeps it up for a few more days so that he’s got a real shot at securing NL Player of the Month honors. After an offseason where teams clearly undervalued his potential contributions in 2016, he deserves it.
  • Speaking of that offseason, there’s a great read in the Tribune on the various things Fowler did to improve his game, with quotes from Kris Bryant and hitting coach John Mallee. Fowler worked with a personal trainer and a nutritionist to add 18 pounds to his otherwise svelte frame, and he does indeed look stronger this year, with a .308 ISO that is exactly double his career mark. Moreover, he worked specifically to try and improve from the left-handed side of the plate, where he takes most of his at bats, but where his production historically lagged the other side. It’s early, and although he’s still hitting better from the right side (.388/.516/.735), he’s been killing it from the left side, too (.375/.474/.563).
  • The Cubs have released righty Jonathan Pettibone (BA), who had been signed to a minor league deal this past offseason after recovering from shoulder surgery.
  • It was 40 years ago that Cubs outfield Rick Monday saved an American Flag from being burned at Dodger Stadium.
  • A fascinating read at CSN on the new man in charge of the Cleveland Browns, former baseball executive Paul DePodesta, and his relationship with Jed Hoyer (and how the Browns are learning from MLB’s rebuilding clubs).
  • If you missed it, Dan Vogelbach hit a comically long and destructive home run.
  • Some nice giveaways for this upcoming Cubs homestand:

  • Fun stuff from Randall:

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