Cubs Head Out on Zany, Important Road Trip and Other Bullets

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Cubs Head Out on Zany, Important Road Trip and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

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And since I know The Wife reads the Bullets every day, I will not comment further on any particulars of this subject.

  • Joe Maddon responded to yesterday’s loss with an appropriate, in my opinion, level of shrug-it-happens-we-fought-back-whateves (CSN). I am genuinely frustrated that the Cubs lost to a Braves team that, at the highest levels of its front office, at least, probably really wanted to lose that game. But I’ve also danced this dance enough to know that these losses happen every year to every team, regardless of the 162-game quality of the teams. Last year, the 97-win Cubs were swept in three games at home by a Phillies team that went on to lose 99 games. That doesn’t make losses like yesterday’s any more fun to stomach, but it does remind me – let’s be honest, when it comes to tempering frustration in this space, I’m usually talking to myself – how long the season is and how the context around an ugly loss (or three) can change so dramatically by the time the end of the season approaches.
  • Today is a new day, and the start of a new series – a big one in Pittsburgh. Here’s hoping the Cubs are ready with their best, because, while it’s still not the part of the year where you’re scoreboard watching too closely, it is fair to assume that one of those teams that’ll be there in the Central come August and September is the Pirates. So, then, every head-to-head game with the Pirates, who are 15-10 and three games back from the Cubs right now, is relatively huge.
  • For their part, the Cubs made their way to Pittsburgh in the kind of uptight, totally stressed out style with which we’ve become accustomed in the Joe Maddon era:

  • Anthony Rizzo’s shorts and short-sleeves version of the America suit is pretty good, and Jake Arrieta looks fly af, but Clayton Richard as The Riddler clearly takes the cake. Should he make his way into a tight spot in this series, given that he came to the Cubs last summer from the Pirates (for $1), the “Richard to Pirates: Riddle Me This, Why Did You Let Me Go?” headlines will write themselves.
  • John Lackey discusses his outing against the Braves here at, and he confirmed that, given the young Braves lineup and the weather conditions yesterday, he was pitching to contact. For that reason, he was able to go eight relatively comfortable innings, and struck out only two. In general, strikeouts are a good thing, but for yesterday’s game, I think letting the Braves swing the bat was the right approach. If Addison Russell corrals a would-have-been double play ball in the 6th inning, Lackey probably goes the distance in a Cubs win.
  • Kris Bryant felt good with his ankle, though he’s going to go back to taping his ankles regularly – something he’d apparently abandoned just before he got hurt (
  • If you missed anything this weekend, catch yourself up here. And Luke’s Minor League Daily from this morning.
  • Michael’s Series Review for the Braves series continues our experimentation with visual styles and segments, so we remain open to feedback:

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.