Willson Contreras Exits Game with Foot Issue, Tentatively Good News After Doctor Visit

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Willson Contreras Exits Game with Foot Issue, Tentatively Good News After Doctor Visit

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doctor's office[Brett: Just as Michael’s post was about to publish, Tommy Birch reported the good news. So I’ll leave Michael’s post as is, but I’ll also send you down to the update at the bottom for the early good word.]

While we patiently, but anxiously await word on the results of Jorge Soler’s MRI, our attention is drawn, nearly as uncomfortably, to a similarly evil twist of fate down in Iowa.

Top Cubs catching prospect – and possibly just their top prospect overall – Willson Contreras left Monday night’s game at Principal Park in the eighth inning, for then unknown reasons, before walking back to the team’s clubhouse with the trainer.

Any serious or lengthy injury would be quite a bummer, given Contreras’ obvious upside, need for regular playing time, and insanely hot streak to start the season. But unlike Soler, Contreras’s issue may not be as serious. At least, that’s what Iowa manager Marty Pevey is hoping for, per Tommy Birch. Either way, we’ll likely find out later this afternoon or tomorrow, once Contreras visits the doctor and the results of that meeting are released.

But like I said, Pevey has been cautiously optimistic in his statements. Tommy Birch of the Des Moines Register spoke to him after the game. “It’s an instep, it’s the arch (in his foot),” said Pevey. “He said he had the same thing last year at the All-Star Game and it was better the next day. So, hopefully it’s nothing serious.”

Pevey later went on to confirm that the injury could possibly have just been a cramp and that Contreras will indeed visit a doctor on Tuesday (today) morning. It’s possible that Contreras began to feel his foot cramp up and preemptively took himself out of the game knowing that a missed day or two now (like the first(?) time it happened last July) is better than a more lengthy trip to the disabled list later.

Given the way David Ross has been playing and the apparent healthiness of Miguel Montero at the moment, there wasn’t likely a chance Contreras was coming up any time soon, but that doesn’t mean this doesn’t or won’t affect the Chicago Cubs in a significant way. For example, I am immediately thrilled that the Cubs held onto third catcher, Tim Federowicz, even after Montero returned from his back soreness.

Had they tried to sneak him back to the minors, they may have lost him to another team through waivers or his own ability to opt for free agency. Had that happened the Cubs would be one injury away at the Major League level from a catching nightmare, with no Contreras in AAA as insurance.

But alas, let’s just wait and see. It’s entirely possible that Contreras could be back out there today or in the next few days, if history was to be any lesson. And if that is ultimately the case, the Cubs will consider themselves lucky.

Contreras, 24, was 2-2 last night, extending his impressive hitting streak  – which had included a 10 game extra-base hitting-streak, as well – to 14 games. The two hit evening pushed his season line up to .339/.431/.588 (.442 wOBA), including nearly identical walk and strikeout rates (12.4%, 12.9%).

Last night was a bummer for a few different injury related reasons, but hopefully we’ll get some good news today. Keep clenching, Cubs fans, this is the nature of the beast.

UPDATE: Good news:

Author: Michael Cerami

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