Taylor Family Expansion Project, and Site Schedule Through Sunday

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Taylor Family Expansion Project, and Site Schedule Through Sunday

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change-aheadLike a beautiful old ballpark, bursting at the seams of its situated confines and expanding to meet the joys of a new age, the Taylor Family is growing.

That’s my way of telling you folks that The Wife and I are having another baby, and far more eloquent than I’d originally planned. But The Wife suggested I not use the “Oops I Did It Again” Britney GIF because of the “oops” implication. It would have been a joke, dear! The readers here never misunderstand anything!

We are thrilled to bring another lil’ slugger on board in mid-September. The Little Girl and the Little Boy will now have a Littlest Girl to whom to be proud older siblings. It’s gonna be fun.

In anticipation of that arrival, and in celebration of our tenth anniversary – can you believe she has hearted me, legally, for that long? – The Wife and I are heading out on a trip tomorrow through the weekend.

That trip, of course, coincides with this year’s MLB Draft. While under normal circumstances I wouldn’t dream of being away while the draft is going on, the personal realities of The Wife’s and my schedule required that this be the time for our trip. Sometimes, life gets priority. Fortunately for the professional side of things, the Cubs don’t pick in this year’s draft until the third round, and the big league team’s historic pace has shifted the gravity of our collective fan attention. The draft is still hugely important and will get its due, but the obsessiveness was going to be turned down a notch this year anyway regardless of anything I did.

Otherwise, you’ll probably notice slightly reduced posting around here Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Michael, Luis, and Luke are still around, so the lights won’t be out or anything. Heck, maybe you won’t notice any difference at all.

So, I’m off to have a good trip and ponder the implications of a baby arriving just before the playoffs …

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Author: Brett Taylor

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