Trades Goin' Down: Dodgers Getting Bud Norris, Marlins Getting Fernando Rodney (UPDATE)

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Trades Goin’ Down: Dodgers Getting Bud Norris, Marlins Getting Fernando Rodney (UPDATE)

Chicago Cubs

July isn’t even here yet, but there are TRAAAAADZ happing.

There will be a bit more to break down on these in the coming days, and potential rumored responses.

For the Dodgers, they acquire a resurgent Norris – though a 4.22/3.84/4.08 pitching line is still not great – to help pad the depth of the rotation that has been plagued by injuries (including to ace Clayton Kershaw, who is headed to the DL with a back injury).

For the Marlins, they get Rodney, who otherwise might have been a plausible Cubs trade target later in the month of July were he still on the market. It’ll be very interesting to see just how much the Padres were able to get for Rodney, who has been fantastic ever since the Cubs picked him up from the Mariners late last year. How will the market value the 39-year-old reliever, especially in such an early trade? With the Cubs very much in the relief market, this is worth tracking.

UPDATE: The return for Rodney:

Paddack came into the year a top 20ish prospect in the Marlins system after being an 8th round pick last year. He has been abusing Low-A as a 20-year-old this year, so his stock is likely up even further. I’m not all that familiar with Paddack beyond my quick Googling, but that looks like a really nice return for the Padres on its face. Part of that is because you pay a little more if you’re going to pull off a June 30 deal, but it could also be reflective of a tight relief market.

UPDATE 2: Almost an aside on the Dodgers deal:

Although he hasn’t pitched in a month with a shoulder injury – so beware – Thomas, 29, has put up great numbers in the upper minors and in limited big league duty, especially against lefties. I’m not sure he’d be worth a 40-man roster spot, but if he clears waivers and ultimately becomes a free agent? Might he be worth a minor league flyer if the shoulder injury isn’t too serious? Just thinking out loud.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.