White Sox Scratch Chris Sale Amid Trade Chatter ... Except Not For Trade or Injury? (UPDATES)

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White Sox Scratch Chris Sale Amid Trade Chatter … Except Not For Trade or Injury? (UPDATES)

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What with rumors starting to fly about the White Sox actually entertaining offers for ace Chris Sale, it was not necessarily a shock to learn that he’d been scratched from his start tonight. After all, when discussions reach a certain point this time of year, players are not infrequently scratched (especially pitchers), juuuuust in case something gets done.

But, while not necessarily a shock, it was still really exciting. Aces like Sale don’t get traded every day. And if something was going down, it was going to be fun – whatever team was involved.

Then some word started to spread that he’d been scratched with flu-like symptoms, and only conspiracy theorists believed a trade was still going down … except Jon Morosi threw some extremely intriguing smoke out there when he tweeted this:

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy something’s happening!

… except it got really weird:

That’s just, well, weird. It’s weird that something non-physical happened in the clubhouse that got Sale sent home just before his start, and it’s weird that the White Sox decided to put it out there (though, in their defense, maybe that’s better than letting rumors build up out of their control).

So what happened? We’ll probably find out eventually, and it’s worth remembering that this is the clubhouse from which Adam LaRoche retired because there was a massive, public dispute about how much his son could join him at team activities. Not necessarily related to tonight’s whatever-thing-happened, but Sale was upset about the LaRoche incident.

Now, we’ll wait to see if this impacts trade talks the Sox were having with teams about Sale (and/or if there’s a relationship between those talks and whatever happened that got him sent home).

As I said: this is just weird.

UPDATE: And more and more, you wonder if there is some relationship to trade talks, underlying whatever set things off:

UPDATE 2: Oh. My. G. You did not predict this, and we do not deserve a story so insanely, deliciously, ridiculous:

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