Another Twist! Jonathan Lucroy Vetoes Deal to Indians (UPDATES)

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Another Twist! Jonathan Lucroy Vetoes Deal to Indians (UPDATES)

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Wow. It’s barely 10am, and I’ve already been stunned twice today:

In case you’re just stopping in, the Brewers and Indians came to an agreement last night on a Jonathan Lucroy trade, pending him accepting the deal – Cleveland is one of eight teams on his no-trade list – which was always expected.

But now he’s vetoed the deal, which could leave the Brewers scrambling for another trade partner. Crazily, the Cubs have been reported as one of the mystery teams in on Lucroy. More likely, though, is that the Brewers will go back to the Mets to try and work something out, will try to convince Lucroy to accept the trade to the Indians, or will just hold onto him until the offseason.

You’re going to want to stay tuned on this.

Meanwhile, the poor Indians just lost 50% of their incredible upgrades. I’m sure they’re still happy about the Andrew Miller trade, but it made even more sense when paired with the Lucroy deal.

UPDATE: Tom Haudricourt thinks the Brewers don’t move Lucroy now:

But Jon Heyman wonders:

UPDATE 2: And Joel Sherman offers the third possibility I mentioned above, the chance that something still works out with the Indians:

UPDATE 3: And Buster Olney agrees with Sherman:

The biggest hangup, financially, is probably that $5.25 million team option for 2017. Lucroy, well, would probably like much, much more than that. But, of course, that option is a HUGE part of his value in trade to a team like the Indians. Fixing this deal financially is going to be pretty tough for two small-market teams, since the Brewers aren’t going to want to pay anything extra just to complete the deal to one of only eight teams on his no-trade list, and the Indians aren’t in the business of trading for a guy just so they can sign him to a $100 million extension.

UPDATE 4: And the Indians certainly wouldn’t want to give up the option entirely if they’re trading a huge package for Lucroy because OBVIOUSLY:

UPDATE 5: Jesse Rogers says the Cubs have had interest in Lucroy, but like I mentioned, the problem is that there will be even needier, more interested teams:

UPDATE 6: Wherever Lucroy goes (or doesn’t), it won’t be Cleveland. Multiple reports dropped simultaneously indicating sources both with Milwaukee and Cleveland say they’ve moved on. Lucroy Watch is back on, I guess.

UPDATE 7: For what it’s worth – not necessarily worth anything, if there’s no legit shot at a trade – but I’ve confirmed that the Cubs are not on Lucroy’s eight-team no-trade list.

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