WOW: Indians Reportedly Trading for Andrew Miller! (UPDATES)

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WOW: Indians Reportedly Trading for Andrew Miller! (UPDATES)

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I did not see this coming:

Just this morning, I was writing about how an Andrew Miller trade seemed unlikely in the context of the Cardinals … so, I guess I’m glad to be wrong about the trade, but not about the destination. The Indians definitely have the young players necessary to net Miller from the Yankees, and the return will be fascinating to see.

Last night, the Indians agreed to a deal with the Brewers for Jonathan Lucroy, but we’ve been waiting to see if/when that gets fully finalized. As Rosenthal puts it, this Miller trade doesn’t necessarily mean anything good or bad for the status of the Lucroy deal:

The Indians, if they get both players, will be markedly improved for the rest of this season (and next season), and they’ve already got a 4.5 game lead in the AL Central. They are … wow. That’s just an incredible boon to an already-good team. I am stunned. And delighted. And I’m typing this from a red folding chair at Belmont Harbor because Blogathon.

UPDATE: Among the return to the Yankees, two top 100 prospects in baseball, including a top 25ish in Frazier:

I wonder what the others will be. So far, that’s the range of what the Cubs gave up for a few months of Aroldis Chapman. I suspect there will be quite a bit more. And, of course, keep in mind: teams value prospects differently.

UPDATE 2: Yes, the Yankees are indeed getting more:

I would bet the other two prospects/players are useful, too, even if not top names like Frazier and Sheffield.

UPDATE 3: The other prospects in the deal:

Not huge names, but not nothing either.

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