The 2016 MLB Postseason Schedule Is Out, Mark Your Calendars

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The 2016 MLB Postseason Schedule Is Out, Mark Your Calendars

Chicago Cubs

It remains as important as ever not to get ahead of ourselves.

Yes, the Chicago Cubs (79-45) have the best record in baseball, yes they are just one win away from 80 (with 38 freakin games left to play), and yes they continue to utterly dominate the playoff odds across the board.

But, as well know from years of being Cubs fans, nothing in life is guaranteed …. 

Even still, I think we can safely (and mathematically) claim that the Chicago Cubs are the safest bet to reach the 2016 MLB postseason of any team in baseball (most models have the odds rounded up to 100% at this point). Which means that it’s okay to get a little excited about MLB releasing the postseason schedule today.

Check it out:

So as you can see, the NL Wild Card game will be held on the same date as last year, October 5th, just two days before Game 1 of the Divisional Series (October 7th). Like last season then, that means that whomever the winning Wild Card team chose to pitch in their one-game playoff, will realistically not be available until game three of the NLDS.

If the Cubs continue to hold strong as the best team in baseball, they’ll ultimately be seeded first in the playoffs and face the winner of the Wild Card Game for a five game set beginning on the 7th. Thus, the closeness in dates of the Wild Card game and Divisional Series may prove beneficial to the Cubs’ chances in that round (although, it did not help the best team in baseball against a certain Wild Card team last season …).

The NLCS then begins on Saturday, October 15, stretching out to the following Sunday, October 23, if necessary. The 2016 World Series will begin in an American League Park (because of the outcome of the All-Star Game) on Tuesday, October 25 and stretch as long as Wednesday, November 2, if necessary.

But hey, about getting ahead of ourselves …

… maybe I should take my own advice.

[Brett: And Game 6 is on MY birthday. That’s not really apropos of the playoffs, because I’m not getting ahead of myself either. I just, well … I like flowers.]

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Author: Michael Cerami

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