Home Runs in the Playoffs, Sosa's PED Past, a Dicey Batting Champ, and Other Bullets

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Home Runs in the Playoffs, Sosa’s PED Past, a Dicey Batting Champ, and Other Bullets

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It could always take a step back after the pilot, as many shows do, but I thought the first episode ‘Westworld’ was freaking awesome. It set things up, it played with our expectations, it set the mind spinning about the possibilities for that world and the future of the show … I am so in.

As I mentioned in this space a couple weeks ago, I was already predisposed to be into this show because of the folks running it and the incredible cast, but that premier definitely met my already very high expectations.

  • Plaudits for and scouting commentary on Kyle Hendricks here, including how his style plays in the regular season versus the playoffs. Hendricks, you’ll recall, did make two postseason starts last year, allowing five earned runs in 8.2 innings. That doesn’t sound great, obviously, but he struck out 11 and walked just one in that time. It was the four home runs he gave up that was the biggest problem, and is what can kill you in the everything-is-a-small-sample playoffs. Hendricks has never been a home-run-prone guy, what with his elevated groundball rate, but it’s worth pointing out that his HR/9 dropped this year from 0.85 to 0.71, the sixth lowest mark in all of baseball. In theory, Hendricks should not be a home run liability in the playoffs, even if that’s what bit him last year.

  • This is fun:

  • Folding handsaws on sale at Amazon today. Yup, I know how random that is, but it just stood out to me for some reason. I imagine myself in a situation where I really need to get that small tree out of our way, and then I reach into my pocket and I’m like, “Don’t worry, folks, I got this.”

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