Harry, the Collected Cubs Contributions, More Joy, and Other Bullets

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Harry, the Collected Cubs Contributions, More Joy, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

There’s simply too much to get into from the game, the series, and the aftermath to realistically put together dense Bullets right now. In all honesty, I doubt we get back to any sense of “normal” around here until Monday at the earliest – not that any of us are complaining.

There will be tons more on the World Series today and tomorrow, of course. For now, some stray Bullets …

  • The most emotional part of last night’s win might be the moments when you think about all those who came and went and never saw the Cubs win it all. Their spirits are with us – including Ernie and Ron and Harry and so many more – and celebrating today is necessarily filled with mixed emotions.
  • Speaking of Harry Caray:

  • I loved the anecdote in this Cubs.com write-up of the game: when the Cubs had lost their sizable lead, and the game was headed into extras, the rain came. It was a short delay, but it was just long enough for Jason Heyward to gather the rest of the offense together to get pumped up. The rain ended, the Cubs’ bats came out swinging, and the rest is history.
  • About that: Kyle Schwarber led off the inning with a rocket single, leaving him with a .412 batting average in this series and a .500 OBP. We were overwhelmed by his story at the start of the World Series – his unbelievable return from a massive knee injury just six and a half months ago – so it’s kind of easy to lose sight of the fact that, setting aside the return, he just played really, really well. Heck, he even stole a base last night for good measure.
  • Albert Almora Jr., who pinch ran for Schwarber, did an incredible job tagging up in a deep fly ball to center field, making second base, and then eventually scoring the lead run on Ben Zobrist’s double. If he doesn’t do that, which led to the Anthony Rizzo intentional walk thereafter, who knows how that inning goes? It’s entirely possible things play out very differently.
  • I love that Miguel Montero added an RBI single of his own, which proved to be the difference in the game. It’s been an up and down year for him, but boy has he had his heroic moments, hasn’t he?
  • I love that Dexter Fowler homered to lead off the game. He came back to the Cubs for THIS.
  • David Ross homered off of Andrew freaking Miller. Javy Baez homered after making a couple errors. Kris Bryant scored on an Addison Russell sac pop fly that barely made the outfield. Jon Lester threw three innings in relief. Kyle Hendricks was very good again. The Cubs used five pitchers in the game. Eight different Cubs players drove in their eight runs. TEAM. EFFORT.
  • I could keep going on with these names and moments, too. That’s one thing that was so incredible about that game: think about how many of the Cubs’ 25-man roster players made a difference in that game? So many contributions, obvious and less obvious, got the Cubs were they needed to be.
  • If you decide to check out some of the Cubs’ official victory gear, head over to Fanatics to see what’s what. It supports BN in the process, which is neat.
  • Respect to the Indians for their own incredible season. There’s so much randomness in a seven-game playoff series, let alone a single game that goes to extra innings and is settled by one run. It wouldn’t work to comfort us if the shoe had been on the other foot, but suffice to say that’s a very good Indians team that overcame a lot, and deserves to be remembered well for what they did this year and in this series.
  • This is a beautiful image that will live on forever from this championship, and no I’m not worried about a cover jinx:

  • Have some fun, gentlemen:

  • I like it:

  • Michael and I are tweeting things about stuff, and I don’t want to forget to include some of them here for those who don’t use Twitter:

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.