Ricketts Goes to Washington, Lester is Funny, the Hole in Wrigley, and Other Bullets

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Ricketts Goes to Washington, Lester is Funny, the Hole in Wrigley, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

ricketts-family-wrigley-fieldMore on the CBA coming soon. If you missed it last night, the deal is done. The All-Star Game no longer “counts.” The disabled list is now 10 days. Much, much more coming.

  • Although they famously sparred during the Republican presidential primary, apparently there are no hard feelings between the Ricketts Family and President-elect Donald Trump, who just named Todd Ricketts his deputy commerce secretary. Todd Ricketts, who serves with his siblings on the Chicago Cubs’ board of directors, was less directly involved in the operation of the organization than his less-politically-involved brother Tom Ricketts, currently the team’s chairman. So, then, the impact the Cubs here, other than their name being involved in a political story, is probably near zero. Of course, in Chicago, you can never be 100% certain that a political move only tangentially related to a sports team won’t wind up blowing up in the future. Best of luck to Todd Ricketts and the rest of that administration in doing good for all Americans. Here’s hoping I never have to mention any of this again.
  • The final out ball from the World Series has a range of estimated values, from $3 million down to $250,000 (Tribune). I am not even kidding when I say that, if it actually were on sale for $250,000, I would find a way to raise the funds to buy that freaking ball. We could all own it together or something. (Which is to say, if it were to actually sell, I don’t believe for a second that it would be even close to that price.)
  • This is a fantastic read on Mike Montgomery, his time with the Mariners, and how he came close to heading to Japan. He was more that solid with the Cubs in a swing role last year, and, whether he’s in the rotation or not in 2017, he could be a huge part of the team’s success going forward.
  • So, here’s what the inside of Wrigley Field looks like right now:

  • Fun to think about the drama associated with having to play a season with a pit of doom just behind the catcher. It will, however, be finished by the time the 2017 season opens.
  • With the CBA done, will MLB’s next big project focus be to finally doll out punishment to the Cardinals for the hacking scandal?
  • Twitter John Lester is almost as good as Pitcher Jon Lester:

  • This is just fantastic:

  • You have done some excellent GIF’ery, Michael, and I hope many people share this beauty:

Author: Brett Taylor

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