Winter Meetings Update: More Interest in Soler, Others on Davis, Cardinals, Trumbo, More

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Winter Meetings Update: More Interest in Soler, Others on Davis, Cardinals, Trumbo, More

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2016-winter-meetingsIt’s Monday evening, which means the first day of the Winter Meetings is coming to a close (though we’re still monitoring those Chris Sale-Nationals rumors).

But boy was it a busy one.

Aside from the standalone rumors and reports (Shohei Otani, Kenley Jansen, Mark Melancon, Rich Hill, Tyson Ross, Ticket Price Increase, Wade Davis (Jorge Soler), and Aroldis Chapman) – yeah, those are all individual pieces from TODAY – we’ve also already had two other Winter Meetings Updates and a Cubs executives notes piece already!

So, yes, it’s been a busy day, but that doesn’t mean things are going to slow down tonight. Deals are often struck after hours at this event, so stay by your phones and computers, fellow nerds.

  • In case you missed it in conjunction with the earlier Wade Davis/Cubs piece, I want to drop in the two tweets here that sent me updating. First, the Cubs are for realsies interested in Davis:

  • Second, and related to Davis only by extension of the Kansas City report that suggested Jorge Soler could be a target for the Royals:

  • There’s a little more on Soler from Bruce Levine:

  • We don’t yet have a direct confirmation that the Cubs are out there shopping Jorge Soler, but, as much as we all love the extreme upside in the bat, there can be no argument that his spot on the Cubs right now is tenuous. Dreaming on the future is one thing, but if Soler can’t get regular playing time at the big league level, it’s hard to see him realizing that future – and, with the Cubs’ corner outfield situation already featuring three-ish regulars for two spots (Kyle Schwarber, Jason Heyward, and Ben Zobrist (if you believe Javy Baez should be playing almost every day), it’s hard to see where Soler fits in. And I want him to fit in. But this is what it looks like when there’s an overload of talent and an organizational imbalance. Sometimes, you just have to unload. We’ll see if that’s what’s on tap for Soler and the Cubs, and if that’s why we’re seeing bits like the Rangers thing and the Wade Davis thing popping up.
  • As Levine mentioned, the Cubs are far from the only team interested in Davis:

  • As we’ve said, with just one year left on his deal, with the likely draft pick compensation return on a player like Davis dropping (if he signs for under $50 million in free agency, he’d net the Royals a pick after the second round), and with him making $10 million, the relative urgency to cash in on him is now. I’d call it a very good bet that he’s dealt one way or another before this offseason is over. The Cubs, for their part, make as much sense for Davis as any team I can immediately think of.
  • It’s possible that Davis goes as part of a package, though, perhaps even to the Cardinals:

  • So, I know that Mark Trumbo led baseball with 47 homers, and homers are really really good, but wuh:

  • Even if you totally set aside the defensive deficiencies, Trumbo posted a 107 wRC+ in two of the last three years. For context, Jorge Soler had a 106 wRC+ last year. Is Trumbo really worth a contract like that? He costs a draft pick, too.
  • More random interweaving of these things, together with the earlier note on Soler and the Rangers:

  • Mark Melancon’s deal with the Giants is four years and $62 million, but it’s uniquely structured in the payments, comes with a no-trade clause, and also offers an opt-out after the first two years. Given that he nets more than half of the $62 million in the first two years, that’s a pretty killer deal for the 31-year-old Melancon. He and his camp did well.

Michael Cerami contributed to this post.

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