Aroldis Chapman Reportedly Returns to the Yankees (5 Years/$86 Million)

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Aroldis Chapman Reportedly Returns to the Yankees (5 Years/$86 Million)

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Well, we long suspected this was going to happen, and Ken Rosenthal is finally breaking the news: Aroldis Chapman will return to the New York Yankees for 2017 and beyond:

Indeed, it’s a whopping five-year/$86 million deal for one of the game’s best closers and hardest throwers, which is about the range many had come to predict – the Yankees, of course, also being the most likely destination.

But that’s not all. Chapman’s deal isn’t of the straight-forward variety:

More clarification:

Instead, Chapman was able to secure a rare (especially for a reliever) full no-trade clause for the first three years of the deal. That’s a quite an ask/get for Chapman, who clearly got a great deal, overall. Fortunately, the Cubs never seemed to be truly invested in bringing back Chapman, and with Wade Davis now on board, that’s even more true. Instead, the Yankees always felt like the expectation, with everyone else a far second.

Now, the remaining teams looking for a closer (the Dodgers, Marlins, and possibly Nationals in particular) will turn to Kenley Jansen as the best remaining option. He’ll likely get just a bit less than Chapman (he’s tied to draft pick compensation), but he’ll still be quite costly. As a final aside, Buster Olney mentioned that with Chapman back in New York, Dellin Betances will be sliding back into the setup role.

Brett, I’m sure, we’ll have more on this in the morning.

UPDATE: Apparently, the Marlins were right in the thick of things for Chapman and remain a potential contender for Jansen, albeit with some slight reservations:

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