Winter Meetings Update: Waiting on Chapman, Nationals Panic, DBacks Starters, More

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Winter Meetings Update: Waiting on Chapman, Nationals Panic, DBacks Starters, More

Chicago Cubs

2016-winter-meetingsIt was certainly an active day around baseball, with the Cubs and Royals getting together on a deal, the White Sox sending Adam Eaton to the Nationals for a haul, the Rockies surprising everyone by splurging on Ian Desmond, and more.

But things seem to have quieted down a bit this evening, as the final day of the Winter Meetings looms tomorrow.

  • A possible reason for the quiet? It could be the cascading effect of interrelated moves, and folks waiting on a key team and a key player:

  • It isn’t overstating things to say that the Yankees waiting on Aroldis Chapman could be holding up moves all around baseball. Given Chapman’s desirability and cost, his acquisition is a priority for a number of teams – teams that might otherwise make certain trades or sign lesser relievers if they miss on Chapman. And those teams and those players, in turn, could be waiting to have their markets clarified, and so on and so on.
  • Similarly, Jayson Stark hears that “everyone is waiting on Chapman.” It sounds like Chapman will be signed first, which would clarify the market for Kenley Jansen. The Yankees are in, the Dodgers are in, and the Marlins are in. Those are certain. With the Nationals’ cost-effective Eaton addition, though, it’s very possible that they get involved now, too.
  • As for where things stand on the Chapman front, and the presumed favorite:

  • I’d still bet on Chapman returning to the Yankees at the end of the day, and then Jansen may very well go to the Marlins. Then again, I suppose we’ll see if the Nationals’ apparent sudden sense of urgency pushes them to blow away the field on Chapman or Jansen.
  • Speaking of that sense of urgency, which pushed the Nationals to a deal that many are questioning:

  • I think much of the reaction to the deal is attributable to an under-appreciation of just how ridiculous Eaton’s contract is, but, at the same time, three excellent prospects – including two of the best pitching prospects in baseball – was a shockingly steep price.
  • So, the Rockies added Desmond, which is odd, but they’re still considering other odd – but fun to watch! – additions:

  • One upside to going after Trumbo at this point, if the Rockies can make the pieces fit, is that they’ve already lost their first round pick for Desmond. Trumbo would cost only a second rounder. If the Rockies do keep adding, it’ll be interesting to see if they move Charlie Blackmon or Carlos Gonzalez (it’s possible the Cardinals would be particularly interested in Blackmon, given their need in center field).
  • The Diamondbacks seem to have an overabundance of controllable starting pitching, and they are discussing them with suitors (, but the prices are sufficiently high that other teams don’t believe the Diamondbacks will actually deal any of them. Although the Cubs are searching for a controllable starting pitcher, it’s worth pointing out that their former professional scouting director Jared Porter is now in the Diamondbacks’ front office. That could potentially make a deal easier – perhaps he had a favorite player or two that the rest of the front office didn’t see the same way – but it’s more likely to make it much more difficult, as Porter will know all too well where the bodies are buried, so to speak.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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