META: Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Many Thanks, and a Day Off

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META: Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Many Thanks, and a Day Off

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christmas party snowmanAlthough the first post came a little later, the nominal birthday of Bleacher Nation is eight years ago, tomorrow. The Cubs were fresh off of a 97-win season and a second straight playoff appearance back in 2008. Good things were coming! And I was gonna ride those good things!

… ok, so it turns out that good things were coming, even if it took a few years to get there. For the Cubs, it eventually meant a rebuild and competitive success (and A WORLD FREAKING SERIES WIN IN 2016!). For me it eventually meant a new full-time job, a wonderful community of friends, three terrific writers whom I’m so thankful to work with, and an already five-plus-year gig that I never thought I’d have.

As a celebration of BN’s birthday, and in service of family time, Christmas is the one day a year I take entirely off. Christmas means different things to different folks, and, for me, the primary focus is my family. Family was a significant chunk of why I started BN in the first place, and I try to honor it by stepping back from this place briefly to enjoy the holiday.

Absent some crazy, enormous, and ill-timed breaking news or rumors, you won’t see anything new up tomorrow at BN. We’ll be back on Monday.

Whatever holidays you do or don’t celebrate, be they this week or next or some months past, I wish you the best. Merry Christmas from me and my family to you and yours.


Thank you for reading, commenting, discussing, befriending, Tweeting, Facebooking, and supporting the site over the past year (and well before that). None of this works without you, and I promise that I think about it every day. I am truly blessed to share in these experiences with you all.

Thank you to Luke, Michael, and Luis for all that they do to help make this place special for other Cubs fans. I think we all know how lucky we are to have been connecting with fans during this, the most special year in the Cubs’ history. Personally, I’m glad I got to do it together with those three.

Thank you to The Wife for her support eight years ago when I was bouncing writing ideas off of her. For her support when I put those ideas into this place mornings, nights, and weekends while lawyering. For her support when I wanted to turn this place into a full-time job. And for her support and partnership in raising those three kids you may have heard me mention from time to time.

Speaking of that wife and those kids, I think I’ll go join them now. We have gingerbread ninja cookies to make for Santa (yes, you read that correctly).

See you on the 26th, friends.

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