Cubs Will Reportedly Visit the White House on Monday

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Cubs Will Reportedly Visit the White House on Monday

Chicago Cubs

As custom dictates, the WORLD CHAMPION Chicago Cubs will be invited to visit our nation’s capital, and meet with the President of the United States at the White House.

Being that we are in a transition period from the outgoing President, Barack Obama, to the incoming President, Donald Trump, it hadn’t been settle with which president the Cubs would be meeting. There are ties within the organization to each man, but I suspect President Obama’s ties to Chicago – even if he is a well-known White Sox fan – would make for a general preference to visit the White House before President-elect Trump takes office.

It sounds like that may happen:

President-elect Trump’s inauguration is in 10 days, so a Monday White House visit would obviously be before then.

Setting aside any political angles that I know folks are so desperate to discuss, the White House visit is often a source of fun anecdotes, pictures, and video, so – purely speaking as a Cubs fan – I’m looking forward to Monday. Assuming the visit does, in fact, take place on that day.

I know there are a lot of other things swirling in the political news sphere right now, but if we could try to limit the comments to things actually associated with the Cubs – and keep them reasonably family-friendly – I’d be very grateful.

UPDATE: Patrick Mooney hears that Monday is the day, too:

So, it’s Convention this weekend for the team, and then off to Washington.

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